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Bluberi Gaming Canada Steps into Next Phase with New CEO

Bluberi Gaming Canada officially announced it has a new Chief Executive Officer – Andrew Burke. He is about to lead the company into a new era of gaming operation. The appointment comes into effect January 13, marking a milestone for the gaming company. Bluberi is ready for the next phase of its development across North America, setting the tone for 2020 filled with expansion and strategic collaboration with other gaming giants.

It is safe to say that Bluberi Gaming Canada has entered a new phase of its existence as a gaming entity in North America. The appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer marks this new era in the most appropriate way possible, as the company would be well-positioned for future expansion with a weathered leader.

Gaming Expansion Ahead

It should be taken into account that Mr. Burke has extensive experience in the gaming world, making him suitable for the leading position within Bluberi Gaming Canada’s structure. He has upwards of 14 years of experience in various gaming projects, teaching him skills for accomplishing tasks and set goals. Leading an entire company would be a challenge for him.

His most recent position was of Senior Vice President of Slot Products at PlayAGS. His job was to keep a close eye on the operation both in the United States and Canada, meaning that he is well-acquainted with both areas of North America. With the trained eye of an expert, he is expected to guide well Bluberi Gaming in its future operation. The time he spent at PlayAGS came with several goals achieved.

Those were the acquisition of Colossal Gaming, as well as Cadillac Jack, among others. It should also be taken into account that the company was able to see the official launch of a special series of games called Orion, quickly becoming a great success among players. Now it is time for a breath of fresh air for Bluberi following a period of uncertainty about its future.

Bluberi Gaming Ready for Next Phase

Mr. Burke would aim to position it well in the North American gaming market. Prior to the eventual slump, Bluberi Gaming also wanted to see South America expansion, as the gaming market is developing at a breakneck speed. Up to this point, Mike Starzynski was the Chief Executive Officer of Bluberi, leading the company through the tough period of 2019.

It could be recalled that December 2018 saw the filing of a lawsuit against the Toronto-based lending company Callidus Capital that supposedly led Bluberi to insolvency. Bluberi Gaming filed for bankruptcy and this lawsuit was part of the case claiming that Callidus employed predatory tactics dating back to 2012 when Callidus purchased Bluberi’s assets. At the beginning of July 2019, the Quebec Court of Appeal dismissed the CA$228-million lawsuit.

Callidus proceeded with its previously announced plan for the acquisition of Bluberi’s assets following the insolvency. With the help of this move, shares and debt were assigned to Catalyst Funds overseen by The Catalyst Capital Group. The shares purchase amounted to CA$92.7 million. Callidus also elected directors of Bluberi Gaming. Now it is time for a new chapter of its development.