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Scientific Games Powers Tetris Action with a Hint of Nostalgia

Scientific Games s is ready to breathe new life in an already cherished classic with its latest slot title TETRIS EXTREME. The fresh new face of a beloved classic is here to change the perception while evoking nostalgic feelings for the good old days and simpler times. The new title is already available online and gaming aficionados could be the first to explore everything it has up for grabs.

When a thing is successful and it has gained traction over the years, it only makes sense for it to evolve into something new and continue the wave of success even longer. Expanding the TETRIS franchise with more gaming offerings makes sense in this day and age, as the feeling of nostalgia over the 80s and their influence could be seen everywhere.

TETRIS EXTREME Launches Operation

Many current players could remember a simpler time when their day-to-day life revolved around the game of Tetris and all the mind-blowing ways in which it was able to keep them captivated for hours on end. This is a sensation they could experience once again with the help of modern slot titles Scientific Games has up for grabs.

The reimagined TETRIS EXTREME is here to stay and reach as many individuals as possible via the extended influence Scientific Games around the globe. Projections are that the second generation game is about to attract an even larger crowd of players with its riveting offerings. It shares many features with the traditional electronic game while it also adds the slot game feel to it all.

Scientific Games has amped up the nostalgia factor with the Tetriminos and Line Clears special features. Players also have the chance to experience the Free Falls Bonus making the game even more exciting and generous over a limited period of time. They also have the opportunity to make the best of their situation and utilize some of the multipliers available across the gaming action, resulting in an even higher payout at the end of the gaming session.

Nostalgia Hits Hard

Dylan Slaney, SVP Casino of Scientific Games, was also eager to highlight another strong feature of the recently announced new game. It would involve the Mega Drop Jackpot system introduced at the beginning of the summer. The system offers growing jackpots linked between several successful Scientific Games titles which have the core feature of immediately renewed progressive jackpot once it has been claimed.

Prism Blast and Lucky Lanes were the two new offerings supporting the Mega Drop Jackpot system. Now TETRIS EXTREME is available thanks to the Open Gaming System across Europe and everyone curious to find out more could try their luck. It could be recalled that back in 2015, Scientific Games Corp. inked an agreement allowing it to create a licensed Tetris-themed slot title.

December 2016 saw the official launch of the Tetris Super Jackpots slot game for brick-and-mortar casino locations partnering with Scientific Games. The premium TwinStar J43 gaming machine features a 43-inch curved display, as well as a 4K Ultra HD experience for the Tetris lovers out there. The machine was able to bring immersive gaming with emotive lighting and stereo surround sound.