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Gateway Casinos, OLG Support Sault Ste. Marie Business Awards

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and Gateway Casinos & Entertainment would once again be the main sponsors of the upcoming Outstanding Business Achievement Awards in Sault Ste. Marie. The annual special event is in its nominations phase at the moment, as the Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce confirmed recently. January 10 is about to see the deadline for nominations. There are many ways in which gaming operation supports its host community and gives back to its residents.

They range from annual allocations to the city coffers, later on, reinvested in the community, to the sponsorship of local awards aiming to further motivate well-performing companies, individuals, and organizations. Gateway Casinos oversees day-to-day operations at Gateway Casinos Sault Ste. Marie. Its close collaboration with Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation makes the two gaming giants appropriate supporters of the awards. February 29 would see the official ceremony.

Outstanding Business Achievement Awards

The Outstanding Business Achievement Awards returns once again with its categories filled with honorable local organizations and individuals. It is a special event that would transform the beginning of 2020 into a time of celebration and appraisal. Carlo Spadafora is the President of Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce, announcing the period of nomination has commenced.

He pointed out that the two leaders in the gaming field have proven their supportiveness of the local community and the city coffers throughout the years. Both the Crown corporation and the casino operator have propelled Sault Ste. Marie’s operation with their business decisions and future improvement prospects. Some of the categories receiving nominations at the moment are Downtown Business of the Year Award, Indigenous Business of the Year Award, and Employer of the Year Award.

There are also the categories featuring several subcategories, such as the Business of the Year Award, and the Community First Award. The Chamber of Commerce announced that the following months would aim to see as many nominations as possible, all the way to January 10, which would bring the last chance of nominating a company or an individual.

Gateway Casinos Supports Community

Gateway Casinos has been among the major supporters of the local economy thanks to its booming casino venue operation. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has been overseeing gaming operations in the region over the past two decades. One of the recent gaming revenue allocations city coffers received covered quarterly operation of Gateway Casinos Sault Ste. Marie. The first-quarter payment amounted to some CA$384,885.

The support would be used for various beautification projects and further improvement of the casino host city. Those are mandatory, as the Municipality Contribution Agreement determines that the compensation should be paid on a regular basis. Moreover, locals might see the development of a patch of land adjacent to the casino venue in the foreseeable future.

Very soon Sault Ste. Marie would learn more about development that could change the local landscape and its future as a vibrant area. Since it took control over the existing casino location, Gateway Casinos has not done any changes to the area, but this could change with emerging details on a future project. A non-tourism development has been proposed for the zone adjacent to Bay Street and St. Mary’s River Drive.