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Fort Erie Race Track Draws CA$29,970,000 in Wagers over 2019 Live Season

Horse racing in Ontario has seen an increase of popularity, as more enthusiasts enjoy live racing on site of some of the most popular racetracks. Fort Erie Race Track in Fort Erie saw the end of its live racing season this week. Now it is time for performance evaluation, showing that wagering on site, as well as off the track witnessed an increase to CA$29,970,000.

This comes to show that more Ontarians are eager to bet on live events. Live horse and wagering on it have been among the preferred pastime activities for many individuals hailing from Ontario. This activity allows them to meet their likeminded fellows, to spend some quality time with their family, and ultimately have a good time with a possible windfall with their name on it.

Live Racing Comes to an End

October 15 saw the end of live racing at Fort Erie Race Track, at least for this year. This spelled the end of the 122nd season on site of the race track and now it is time for learning the lessons it had on offer. When all is said and done, the year was especially profitable for the racing location attracting flocks of racing and wagering enthusiasts.

Between May 28, when the location saw its first live race for this year and October 15, Fort Erie Race Track was able to amass wagers reaching CA$29,970,000. When compared to the location’s performance over the previous racing season, there is a slight increase visible. Percentage-wise, it amounts to a 7-percent increase from its performance over the 2018 live racing season.

Back then, local players managed to wager some CA$28,061,500. The exact number of individuals who have made their way to Fort Erie Race Track remains unclear for the time being, but estimations cite about 70,000 individuals attending live races and wagering on horses. Such a number would mean that players have increased five percent year-on-year.

Everything New this Season

What really shows players’ preferences and excitement for the new are the special races that took place this year. Local enthusiasts were able to enjoy a live race with wiener dogs, as well as one with basset hounds, making for a diverse season. Mid-July, management made it clear that purses are going to witness a five-percent jump that would be visible in the remaining weeks of the 2019 live racing season.

The five-percent jump was greenlighted by Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association of Ontario and the Board of Directors of the Fort Erie Live Racing Consortium. In addition to the five percent surge, the Board of Directors also gave its nod to a 20-percent jump in almost all Prince of Wales races.

The only race not seeing an increase was the CA$400,000 Prince of Wales Stakes, a signature event for the racetrack. This year saw the 84th edition of this event. Now that the live racing is over, players could continue their simulcast wagering activities at the racetrack. Moreover, November 23 is about to witness the launch of the off-season.