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Mohegan Gaming Puts Matters into Perspective in Niagara Falls Casino Field

Last month was a memorable one both for Niagara Falls, Ontario and for the Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment, as the US tribal operator entered the field outrivaling Canadian casino operators.

Chief Executive Officer Mario Kontomerkos recently stated that this achievement was possible as a result of the reliable image of the casino developer and the fact that it seeks sustainability for decades to come when it comes to every project.

Tribal casino developers across the United States have always striven to be a breath of fresh air to the local casino industry. Every tribal venue has its signature experience it offers and many people prefer those locations over commercial casino venues. Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment is known for its operation in Connecticut, Atlantic City, and Louisiana, and it was time for the tribal operator to explore uncharted territories.

Mohegan Gaming Outbids Rivals

Mr. Kontomerkos pointed out that the reason for the stellar performance of the tribal operator while bids for casino license were still in progress might have been the extensive heritage of the tribe.

Big developers to the likes of Gateway Casinos & Entertainment, Great Canadian Gaming, Hard Rock Café International, and Caesars Entertainment were eager to claim the tree properties located in Niagara Falls.

The nearly 400 years of history and traditions associated with the Mohegan tribe in Connecticut could be what eventually tilted the scales in the right direction for the tribe. The Chief Executive Officer also pointed out that the tribe strives to put matters into perspective and envision the long-term impact of a given decision.

Mr. Kontomerkos stated that all moves are being considered only if they are able to maintain sustainability over the next three to five decades of operation. The reason behind this approach is that it strives to provide better days for the tribal community down the road. This is also true for the host communities welcoming casino patrons and benefitting from the casino allocations. Niagara Falls was the tribal operator’s first step in Canada, but it was one to be reckoned with.

Next 21 Years Bring the Change

As a result of its efforts, the tribal operator managed to outbid all rivals and Canada’s biggest casino operators exited the run defeated. Over the following 21 years, Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment is going to oversee operation of the Niagara Gaming Bundle part of the modernization process launched by Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.

This batch of locations includes two casino locations – Casino Niagara and Fallsview Casino Resort. Falls Management Group has overseen the two complexes ever since 1996. Now it is time for a breath of fresh air and a new approach that could make them even more successful than before.

In addition to the casino locations, this bundle included the construction of a 5,000-seat venue that would soon welcome international performers and musicians. It should be taken into account, that the community relies on a heavy cash flow guaranteed by the two casino venues. Ever since their launch of operation, the complexes have generated casino allocations to the city coffers reaching CA$136.6 million.