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Lotto MAX Newfoundland and Labrador Ad Campaign Polarizes Opinion

Lotto MAX is about to welcome grand changes to its weekly draws and overall features in less than a week. This calls for extensive promotion and support across the Canadian Atlantic Provinces that are especially fond of the gaming offering.

Newfoundland and Labrador’s St. John’s Council is willing to give out some 100 parking spaces in the downtown area to Atlantic Lottery Corporation that would promote the new Tuesday draws.

When it comes to lottery games, Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49 are among the preferred games that feature progressive jackpots with two of the highest caps. Earlier this year the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation announced it would bring a breath of fresh air to Lotto MAX with an additional Tuesday draw. Up until now, Fridays were special for lottery enthusiasts, as they were able to make some of them very rich.

Free Parking Spaces on May 14

In addition to that, the jackpot cap is also going to increase to CA$70 million, a significant change to the current CA$60-million one. As for the balls in action, right now the lottery game features the numbers from 1 to 49 but come May 14 the number 50 is also going to be added to the overall amount of lottery balls.

Now the lottery corporation wants to promote the changes with free parking spaces in downtown St. John’s next Tuesday, but councilors decision to greenlight the move stirred the pot. Not all council members agreed with the renting out, as Deputy Mayor Sheilagh O’Leary and councilors Maggie Burton and Ian Froude expressed their problem gambling concerns in relation to the local community.

They pointed out that the promotion of lottery gaming would eventually make the offering more appealing and this is not the right direction to pursue. It is known that the Canadian Atlantic Provinces are home to some of the most avid lottery players. Locals are also fond of Video Lottery Terminals and scratch tickets of various kinds. In this sense, making gambling ads even more accessible in the downtown area where parking is a hot commodity appears wrong to the officials.

Local Players Are Especially Fond of Lottery

Some of the councilors opposed the decision pointing out that this would increase lottery tickets purchases even further. Supporters of the idea stated that the lottery corporation has improved many communities with the help of its regular allocations generated by gambling revenue. The 100 parking spaces that would be rented out are going to cost some CA$1,500 to the Atlantic Lottery Corporation.

Once again, this amount is going to be spent on local projects across the downtown area and its overall improvement. This promotional campaign will take place across the Canadian Atlantic Provinces and many communities have already given green light to it. This is a groundbreaking advertising approach in St. John’s which is sure to bring good results, especially with parking spots being always in demand.

At the beginning of April, it became clear that Newfoundland and Labrador players managed to pour some CA$265 million into lottery over 2018. When it comes to other neighboring provinces, Nova Scotia was able to amass some CA$225 million over the