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SheIS, Lazarus Esports Praise Female Gamers for Their Achievements

Esports have gained broader popularity over the past few years and projection are that the industry is going to attract an even larger crowd over the following years fueled by the betting opportunity it offers. Canada makes no exception, evident by the recent collaboration between Lazarus Esports and SheIS, drawing attention to female players in this industry.

Competitive video gaming as it is commonly referred to is one of the industries developing at a breakneck speed over the past few years, with new players entering and showcasing their skills and new enthusiasts becoming fascinated by the nature of this sport. Such is the case worldwide, as well as in Canada and Lazarus Esports is a leading organization which aims to reach above and beyond in the field.

Canadian Esports More Popular than Ever

The entity previously known as SetToDestroyX wants to praise women actively participating in the eSports field and ensure that their efforts are appreciated and rewarded in many ways. SheIS’ main purpose is in alignment with this goal, as the non-profit organization strives to maximize women’s position in the sports world, including eSports with their ever-changing field.

Brenda Andress, former Commissioner at Canadian Women’s Hockey league, wants to make a change and have a lasting impact on sports across Canada. Women should feel praised, a goal possible with the help of such organizations. Among the entities linked to SheIS are the National Women’s Soccer League, WNBA, as well as the United States Tennis Association, Rugby Canada, and Baseball Canada.

Competitive video gaming also provides female players with the chance to demonstrate their skills in real life conditions and online, which comes to show that the sport might feature a predominantly male audience, but there are also many women interested in gaming in a competitive way and they do it with ease. This collaboration is beneficial to both parties involved and to players putting an effort in eSports.

Female Players Receive Appreciation

Lazarus Esports features two entirely female teams playing League of Legends and CS:GO that are worldwide renowned for their accomplishments. The CS:GO team of players managed to perform in a stellar fashion in China recently and is currently in Denmark for more eSports action. It is important that these players receive recognition of their skills and feel appreciated for what they have to give.

Canada might be on the verge of single-event sports betting regulation, more possible than ever before after the recent Ontario 2019 budget including efforts towards its legalization. Such a move would increase eSports betting potential, an already attractive gaming offering for thousands of individuals. It could be recalled that earlier this month, Durham College of Applied Arts and Technology in Oshawa cut the ribbon on its brand new eSports arena for training.

The Durham Lords are going to use the venue for their training for major championships and tournaments in Canada and the US. The venue also has the capacity to welcome some 120 individuals interested in attending live eSports battles. According to a recent Mintel research on the subject, some 22 percent of the Canadians compare competitive video gaming to traditional sports both when it comes to importance and popularity.