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Player Bags CA$13.3M Lotto 6/49 Jackpot Using Symbolic Numbers

Lottery players and people interested in Canadian lottery games were in for a treat over the past few weeks, as the tension was rising in unison with the Lotto MAX jackpot. This week Winnipeg player Murray Lewis claimed one of the recent Lotto 6/49 jackpots from the February 27 draw. He bagged a CA$13.3-million windfall with the very same number combination he has been using for the past more than 30 years.

Patience is a virtue and a Winnipeg player could vouch for that. It is not uncommon that some lottery enthusiasts are determined to pursue their dreams and goals of winning big and they do so with the same set of numbers using them every single time they purchase a ticket. More often than not it is a superstition that prevents them from changing them or a good feeling that this draw would be a successful one. In this sense, a dream came true for Mr. Lewis on February 27.

Winnipeger Uses Same Numbers for 30 Years

The winning numbers drawn on that day were 4, 13, 22, 25, 29, and 39, and it is apparent that they have a special significance to the man who used them for more than 30 decades without a change. Each of them has a symbolic meaning, as it comes with a story.

He pinpointed the numbers as his signature ones while he was using approval stamps on a daily basis as part of his job. These numbers represent his coworkers’ stamps and in a way every week for the past three decades he had been dedicating his lottery activities to them. However, when the draw was being televised he was not there to watch the numbers appear on the screen.

Instead, he checked his lottery ticket several hours later. Mr. Lewis said that he woke up past midnight and decided to check the lottery numbers while he is awake. This is when he found out the long-anticipated day has finally come and he is now a millionaire. Shocking as it is, he needed some time to comprehend the news that his life has changed.

February 27 Was Lucky For Him

Every winning ticket has an expiration date and players do not have much time to contemplate their next move. As many as 52 weeks after the lottery draw, a lucky ticket becomes worthless. Mr. Lewis waited about five weeks to claim his prize but eventually contacted the Western Lottery Corporation making it known that he is the winner.

He made the fortunate purchase at a PharmaPlus location at 963 Henderson Highway and projections are that the retail location would now become an even more popular one. As for the retiree’s plan for spending the fortune, he stated that he is into gold, so some portion of the winning would be spent on premium quality irons. In the upcoming weeks, he would make his way to Myrtle Beach for a trip of intense golf activities.

However, apart from that, he does not plan any breathtaking purchases or trips around the world. A priority at the moment is to have a happy life and guarantee a hassle-free one for his entire family. Winnipeg welcomed the jackpot as the biggest windfall in the past six years since the last big winning was in 2013 and reached CA$17 million. This Wednesday would bring the latest Lotto 6/49 draw with an estimated jackpot of CA$5 million.