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Nova Scotia, Ontario Players Welcome Generous Lottery Windfalls This Week

Lottery winnings have been throwing around like confetti over the past few weeks and the latest individuals to claim their generous cash prizes were strong females. The first one hails from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and is a mother of two bagging CA$675,000 Set for Life prize while the second one is also the second winner of the Lotto 6/49 March 20 jackpot, claiming her CA$11 million share of the prize.

When it comes to learning the good news, few people are able to remain calm in the face of a grand windfall that came upon them unexpectedly. Such was the case with Lucinda Paul of Eskasoni who had no idea what is in the cards for her and her family. She purchased the Set for Life ticket with the idea that it could be a lucky purchase in the middle of the night. She did so once her two kids were fast asleep and she had the time to herself.

Nova Scotia Mother of Two Set for Life

The lucky purchase was made at the Eskasoni Trading Post. Once she got to scratch the ticket, she noticed something was not quite right with the symbols and letters printed on it. Seeing words written, but not quite discerning them, she managed to shed some light on them. This is when the real shock took over her, as she thought her mind is playing tricks on her in the wee hours.

The 29-year-old mother was in a state of trance and made an attempt at sleeping with the ticket safely stashed under her pillow. Wednesday saw her make her way to Sydney where she bagged her prize and took a photo with the coveted hefty cheque at Governor’s Pub & Eatery. She preferred to receive the prize in its entirety instead of receiving CA$1,000 a week for the next 25 years.

This is going to make it possible for her to make bigger and braver purchases and investments. She had already bought a personal truck, an SUV for her mother, whereas her brothers received ATVs. This month was a lucky one for Nova Scotia, as recently Phyllis Erickson of Sydney was lucky enough to bag a CA$100,000 prize on TAG. Another Sydney player, Howard Reid, also improved his financial state with a CA$30,000 Scratch N Win prize.

Ontario Multimillionaire Bags Slice of Lotto 6/49

In the meantime, Ontario also enjoys an increased windfall over the past few weeks with yet another jackpot winner claiming a prize. The Lotto 6/49 March 20 draw saw the CA$22 million jackpot split in half. This Wednesday saw the second player eligible for a slice of the jackpot claim the prize and that was Doreen Fleury of McDougall Township.

The woman would now forever share this special event with Derek Francis of Belle Ewart who claimed his share of the prize earlier this week. She bagged the CA$11-million slice, but her ticket was even luckier, as it brought her a CA$5 payout.

Mrs. Fleury purchased her ticket at the Hillcrest Grocery on William Street in Parry Sound, which irons out the speculations related to the exact location. Friday is a special day for many, as it could make one Lotto MAX enthusiast CA$50 million richer. It is not too late to purchase a lottery ticket and hope for the best once the numbers begin appearing on the screen.