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Casino de Charlevoix Scammer Hears Sentence, but He Is Not Going to Jail

Casino venues have always attracted the attention of fraudsters willing to try their luck and test the location’s security. A tech-savvy individual made an attempt at defrauding Casino de Charlevoix with the ultimate goal of bagging some CA$42,572 but was caught red-handed. This Monday he heard his sentence of 128 days of detention, but he is not staying behind bars.

When it comes to cheating and attempting to trick the system, more often than not criminals end up being detected and caught in action by the casino venue management. Suspicious behavior and the potential use of technology are easily spotted on surveillance cameras and across the casino floor. Such was the case with the Australian 23-year-old Yujin Wu who implemented prediction app in June 2017 and was close to bagging a substantial amount of Canadian dollars.

Prediction Apps Guaranteed His Success

Monday was a special day, as it saw the official sentence of the Australian boy. In February, he was found guilty of fraud, cheating, and concealment for the use of special predicting applications on two mobile phones. He used them while he was playing electronic roulette at the premium casino venue.

The entire plan was thought through and keeping his activities as discrete as possible was an obvious goal of Mr. Wu. The two phones were connected to a Bluetooth headset, which made them almost invisible but not to the casino management. For this fraudulent action, he heard his sentence this Monday.

After nearly two months of consideration, Mr. Wu was sentenced to 128 days in detention. There is something that should be taken into account and that is the time he spent in prison following his initial arrest. The Australian boy was detained for a total of 85 days in 2017 and those days have an influence on the overall sentence.

When all is said and done, they equate to the 128-day sentence Mr. Wu heard this week. The said period should be increased in time and a half, meaning that he had already spent his time behind bars. This measure was already discussed and of Judge Hubert Couture agreed with all conditions.

Mr. Wu Has Already Served His Sentence

The criminal will also have to pay the casino management the winning he bagged in an illegal manner. Now Mr. Wun will have the chance to return to his homeland, as the authorities had been keeping his passport ever since the summer of 2017. The Australian citizen will have the chance to obtain his passport from Immigration Canada in the foreseeable future.

Games of chance heavily rely on luck, which makes them thrilling. The Australian player wanted to guarantee his success and financial benefit from his trip to the casino venue, so he used two mobile phones with prediction apps installed in them. There are hundreds of prediction apps, especially for roulette. The application itself offers a prediction of several numbers where the white ball could land on, tapping could also be used.

However, the use of such electronic help is prohibited across casino venues in Canada, which is what made the activity illegal. At the time of the arrest, when confronted by the casino floor management, Mr. Wu pointed out that he had been using this app in other gaming facilities around the globe to the likes of Cyprus and Melbourne, but he had no idea that it is an illegal practice.