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Bragg Gaming Group Welcomes Weathered Experts Aboard ahead of US Expansion

This year is expected to bring quite the development and major changes for Toronto-listed Bragg Gaming Group, as it was recently confirmed by the latest additions to the structure of the gaming giant. The company’s Board of Directors welcomed well-known names such as expert Jim Ryan and securities lawyer Paul Pathak. In addition to them, the company also introduced its new Chief Financial Officer Akshay Kumar.

The following months would be special for Bragg Gaming, as this week marked a pivotal point of its development. The Board of Directors would see a restructuring due to the addition of the three individuals with a long history in the global gaming field. Akshay Kumar is also known for his previous experience at NetPlay TV PLC, Betsson, as well as his work at Sporting Index, where he got in touch with the sports betting world, making him valuable for the sports wagering projects Bragg Gaming works on.

Three Experts Join Bragg Gaming

He was initially appointed to the position in December 2018. Up until this point he has been responsible for major business moves to the likes of corporate acquisitions, gaining experience in the field. Together with Kumar, Jim Ryan and Paul Pathak also make their way into the Board of Directors ready to share their vision of the company and bring a breath of fresh air to its structure.

Mr. Ryan is a weathered gaming expert with previous participation in various projects. He had worked in leading gaming companies such as PartyGaming, St. Minver and Excapsa Software, where he was a Chief Executive Officer, as well as Cryptologic Software where he was a Chief Financial Officer. He was also the co-Chief Executive Officer of digital entertainment.

At the moment he is the Chief Executive Officer of Pala Interactive, as well as part of JPJ Group, Gaming Realms, Pala Interactive, and Fralis. The other new addition to Bragg Gaming is Paul Pathak also known for his leading role in Chitiz Pathak LLP. With his experience as an investment lawyer and extensive knowledge of securities, acquisitions, and mergers of companies, he was considered perfect for the company’s structure.

Oryx Gaming International’ Acquisition Was a Pivotal Point

At the moment Mr. Pathak is Director of JPJ Group PLC, the Intertain Group Limited and Wayland Group. Dominic Mansour, Chief Executive Officer of Bragg Gaming expressed his content with the new additions to the company. They are projected to propel the development of leading brands to the likes of Oryx Gaming, GiveMeSport, and GiveMeBet. It could be recalled that December saw the official rebranding of Breaking Data Group to Bragg Gaming Group.

This change reflected the new projects, new executive team, as well as the acquisition of Oryx Gaming International LLC that had taken place earlier that month. Back then it was confirmed that Oryx’ Chief Executive Officer Matevz Mazij would remain in his leading position. GiveMeBet saw its last days in beta, which made possible the official launch of operation of the platform around the acquisition announcement.

Expansion of the platform across the UK influenced more than 1.1 million individuals already enjoying GiveMeSport and diversified their gaming opportunities. With the help of its premium turn-key offerings that could appeal to any regulated sports betting market, Bragg would like to expand its footprint across the United States that are already working on their sports wagering regulations.