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Wasaga Beach Businesses Want People to Have the Final Say on Casino

Wasaga Beach is one of the locations that could soon welcome the construction of a brand new Gateway Casinos & Entertainment venue, but for the time being very few details have been issued by the casino operator.

A recent meeting organized by The Wasaga Business Association sparked controversy as it confirmed Downtown development would start from square one, as well as work towards attracting casino construction to the most suitable area of Wasaga Beach.

The congregation was eyed by many individuals interested in learning more about the project and how it could directly affect them with its future development. Former Mayor Brian Smith used the tribune to speak in relation to the casino venue that would soon be constructed somewhere in the area. He pointed out that locals should have the right to have a say in where the casino venue should be built. They should make it clear that the casino operator should prioritize their opinion and collaborate.

Wasaga Beach Residents Want More Influence

The town has proposed as many as five locations that could welcome casino operation and make it a positive move in the long run. Wasaga Beach’s Downtown redevelopment was also a topic of wide discussion and investors in the area made good use of the audience and the opportunity to be heard.

Business owners and locals were present on site and eager to hear more about the project. The Wasaga Beach Business Association also used the opportunity to attract new members to its structure, as well as introducing a special petition that aimed to achieve more. People interested in signing it were proclaiming they would like to see their opinion taken into account when it comes to casino venue operation.

The future venue would have to be built at an area that would improve Wasaga Beach’s future and gaming revenue projections. Wasaga Beach Chief Administrative Officer George Vadeboncoeur reminded that conversation about the exact location where casino operation would be most beneficial for Wasaga Beach started seven years ago and ever since then collaboration has been active. The casino operator has the right to pick one of those sites, but locals claim that they should have the final say.

Gateway Casinos Has Yet to Announce Final Decision

City Council claims it has done its job by proposing the five locations but it could not make the decision on its own. With the petition that was signed by many of the participants of this meeting, they will seek support from city officials and the right to have a more active role in the decision making.

Mayor Nina Bifolchi pointed out that the meeting has provided people with the chance to express their position. However, she also referred to the group as a “self-serving” one and reminded that Wasaga Beach officials are not going to tolerate pressure. Regular meetings are held on the subject and it is now up to the casino operator to decide what location would be most appropriate.

In the upcoming weeks, Gateway Casinos is projected to make a special presentation revealing more about the casino project, as well as pinpoint the exact location. This move is going to be followed by the mandatory approval of the government.