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Bingo Loco Rave Takes Over Vancouver and Toronto with Convertibles and Boats as Prizes

Two special events are going to transform Vancouver this March, as Bingo Loco is going to make its way to the area for a couple of spectacular shows with the element of chance. Celebrities Nightclub is going to be the proud host of the two events and everyone interested in having a good time while playing bingo for one of the spectacular prizes available has the chance to purchase a CA$28 ticket guaranteeing them a seat, even though organizers promise nobody will be sitting.

Bingo Loco is known around the globe as a riveting bingo experience where people can enjoy the thrill and anticipation of waiting to see if you win, eagerly listening for the right numbers while also having the time of one’s life. The live entertainment that happens while bingo action is in progress is something that leaves a lasting memory. This bingo rave is projected to completely transform Celebrities Nightclub in Vancouver with the help of some 600 kg of confetti, DJ increasing the fun rates, lip-synch battles, and more.

Memorable Show Comes to Vancouver First

The first date for bingo excitement is March 14 when the venue is going to welcome its first guests at 5:30 p.m. This would give them the chance to make themselves at home and get the party started ahead of the official start of Bingo Loco’s action at 6:00 p.m. Everyone interested in reserving a seat at the live show would have to pay some CA$28.10 and claim they are ready for a wild party and generous prizes galore.

Live action is projected to continue all the way to 9:00 p.m. offering people from Vancouver and the area Irish show of great magnitude. Some of the prizes that await their new owners are things that could make one’s life much easier such as lawnmowers and convertible cars among others. There are also trips to exotic locations awaiting many of the players who had reserved a spot at the bingo congregation.

In previous editions of the Bingo Loco party, people have gone home with vacations to Las Vegas and California. Boats that could guarantee them traveling anywhere have also been among the prizes of this bingo action. Players have to pay for the entry ticket and then hope Lady Luck smiles on them. Organizers of the bingo rave were planning in advance by introducing two dates in Vancouver and one in Toronto, as they were certain that tickets will be sold out rapidly.

Toybox Nightclub, Toronto Braces for Bingo Party

Such is the case with Friday’s show on March 15 that is currently at capacity. This second show is scheduled to welcome all enthusiasts even earlier than the first one – at 4:30 and give them time to make themselves at home until 6:00 p.m. when live action is projected to start.

Stand-up comedy is among the mandatory contents of this party evening, but this would only set the ground for more entertainment including conga lines and a fiesta rarely seen at regular bingo congregations. Bingo Loco’s history includes a worldwide influence and more than 300 live shows at gaming hotspots to the likes of Ireland, Australia, and the UK.

Over 60,000 individuals were tempted to make their way to the loco fiesta since its inaugural edition and this equates to CA$224,350 in prizes. William Meara, Bingo Loco’s Minister for Mischief stated that now it is time for the US and Canada to experience the magic of Bingo Loco. The next stop is Toybox Nightclub in Toronto where the bingo rave would happen on March 16.