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B.C. Gambling Den Police Raid Possibly Discovers Link to Previous Illegal Operation, Probe Continues

Illegal gambling operation is a concerning issue that should be eliminated, which was the main objective of a recent raid that took place at a house in Shaughnessy, British Columbia. The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit collaborated with the Vancouver Police Department in order to make the bust possible. Authorities were able to seize a card table available on site, which has been allegedly previously used for gambling congregations, as well as the homeowner’s mobile phone.

Conducting gaming activities without the mandatory permit for operation is one of the criminal activities that affect the community to the highest extent. Players might prefer it because it is able to offer seemingly better conditions for gaming, but their rights are rarely protected. Furthermore, the cash they lose while participating in such gambling offerings is not reinvested in the community but instead sinks into the bottomless pockets of criminal kingpins.

Police Raid Discovers Card Table

British Columbia has become notoriously known for the money-laundering schemes interlinking both legal and illegal casino venues and at the moment all eyes are on it. The home that was raided recently had previously attracted the attention of the authorities, as a potential illegal gambling den. According to a recent market estimation, this residence is worth CA$4 million. Illegal gambling investigation has been in progress and the next logical step was the issuing of a search warrant.

For the time being no information on the aforementioned investigation has been publicly issued. The following police raid searched the property for objects facilitating illegal gambling operation. As many as 40 armed policemen made their way into the house and sought signs of gambling den operation. They found the card table utilized for various card games and becoming one of the main pieces of evidence of illegal gambling taking place on site.

The house owner calling himself Russel pointed out that the said table was used for friendly gatherings where he and his friends were playing. He claimed that they were not breaching the law in any way with their activities. The raid took place around 10 p.m. when supposed gaming action typically happens. As for now, the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit stated that it could not issue more information since the investigation is still in progress.

Russel Lim Oversaw Se7enhaus Gambling Den

The Unit is actively working towards the elimination of organized crime on a national level and this illegal gambling investigation is crucial in this sense. It is responsible for the successful operation of the Joint Illegal Gaming Investigation Team. The area is known for its illegal gambling operation, as this is not the first time the authorities have their interest drawn by it. Exactly a year ago the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit and the Joint Illegal Gaming Investigation Team collaborated in an attempt to bust the illegal operation of Se7enhaus.

Illegal poker tournaments were taking place at a commercial property some 9 kilometers from the CA$4-million house. People overseeing its operation were promoting the events online and among the popular events hosted there was The Saturday ‘Big One’. Poker action mandated an entry fee of CA$340 and each participant instantly received 15,000 in gaming chips. With its 30-minute levels, this event offered relatively fast-paced gaming action.

Back then Russel Lim was pinpointed as the mastermind. Court action against him progresses. Illegal gambling operation in Vancouver and across British Columbia is targeted by the authorities now more than ever, as the money-laundering allegations and documents emerging point out that more than CA$2 billion has been washed via third-party schemes supposedly funded by loan sharks. British Columbia is in the spotlight and the time for a change has come.