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Ex-Liberal MP Raj Grewal Says Gambling Addiction Is Thing of the Past, Stays in Parliament

Former Liberal MP Rajvinder Grewal announced his ultimate decision to remain among the members of the Parliament and represent Brampton East. He is going to continue his political career as an independent Member of the Parliament and continue serving voters and representing their needs. He took his time over the past two months to evaluate the situation and his approach to it, ultimately deciding to continue his career of MP despite previous gambling issues.

November was a heated month for former Liberal MP Grewal, as he came up with a Facebook post shedding more light on his gambling issues in the past that have led to him burning through millions of Canadian dollars over the span of several years. The substantial gambling addiction Mr. Grewal experienced prompted him to come clean and talk about such a devastating issue. He announced that for the time being he has decided to exit the Liberal caucus and take care of his mental health, giving himself the time to think the situation through.

Gambling Addiction Has a Devastating Impact Regardless the Occupation

Everyone closely following the development of events eyed January as the month, which was supposed to bring more development to the situation. Over December not much was said, as Mr. Grewal was taking care of his mental health and compulsive tendencies. Now it is known that he is going to remain within the structure of the Parliament. He had the opportunity to make up his mind during the Parliament’s winter break.

In his detailed post on social media, he stated that over the past weeks he has taken the time to work on himself and his personal growth, overcoming the struggle of gambling addiction and the negative impact it has had on himself and his loved ones. In a time of need people experiencing gambling addiction and showing such tendencies are usually advised to take the mature approach and seek help and assistance.

This is what Mr. Grewal has been working on ever since he announced he is resigning from the Liberal party. However, soon after the announcement in November, there appeared to be more questions than answers surrounding the former Liberal MP. People were interested where the millions of Canadian dollars he gambled away came from and whether his gambling habits have gotten in the way of his professional life and ethics.

MP Grewal Claims He Is a Changed Man

Back in December, Mr. Grewal made it clear that his family and friends had been providing him with loans when he was still gambling and this is where the money came from. He also pointed out that the entire amount has already been paid off and the whole thing should remain in the past. He claimed that he has been on the quest for personal growth and the past months have changed him as a person.

Information on the source of cash spent by Mr. Grewal was among the many questions surrounding the scandal. New Democrat Charlie Angus even went so far as to state that the public deserves to know more and be reassured that those are not taxpayers’ money that he was spending at casino venues to the likes of Casino du Lac Leamy, that is a 10-minute drive from Parliament Hill.

Dear Brampton East, Over the past two months, I have taken some time away to focus on my health and receive…

Posted by Raj Grewal on Friday, January 25, 2019

He said that the support he received from voters was essential and tipped the scales towards his final decision to continue following his goals as an Independent MP. He proceeded to point out that members of the community are a priority and their needs and expectations should be met. Upcoming weeks will see Mr. Grewal return to his job with a fresh perspective and new ideas.