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The Stars Group Gives Away US$63 Million in Poker Cash Prizes in the Bahamas

Poker festivals around the globe are among the preferred locations to be, as they provide poker players with the opportunity to claim generous prizes and compete with equally as determined rivals for some of the largest cash prize. The Stars Group recently announced it was able to offer poker enthusiasts participating in its latest poker festivals at the Atlantis Resort and Casino prizes reaching some US$63 million.

Everyone interested in the latest happenings in the poker world has been aware that this year started with a bang and two premium poker festivals taking place in the Bahamas. This year prepared poker enthusiasts for something new, as this January was set to bring a new star in The Stars Group’ constellation. PokerStars Players No-limit Hold’em Championship saw its inaugural edition this month offering players the chance to experience something they’ve never seen before from the leading gaming company.

Poker Cash Prizes Galore

Starting on January 6 and spanning all the way to January 10, participants had the chance to make their way to the premium poker tournament and compete for some of the top positions on the official leader board. It featured a record-breaking US$25,000 buy-in that drew more than 1,000 individuals willing to battle for the cash prizes. Due to the large interest towards this congregation, the overall prize pool reached US$26.5 million.

It makes sense for this championship to attract the attention of as many players as possible, not only because it has its inaugural edition. Becoming the champion at an inaugural event has something very special to it, which is what more than a thousand players found appealing. Even though candidates were willing to make it to the top position of this championship, there was only one player worthy of it and that was Spanish poker player Ramon Colillas.

He was eligible for the first-place prize of US$5.1 million, essentially becoming a multimillionaire thanks to the poker tournament. Up until that point, his largest cash prize amounted to $4,881 for his good performance during the 6,000 درهم No Limit Hold’em – Main Event Six-Max. Colillas reserved his spot in the championship in an even more special manner, as in 2018 he claimed one of the 320 PSPC Platinum Passes.

January Made Six Players Millionaires

Thanks to this special pass he had the right to enter the inaugural poker tournament in the Bahamas. Furthermore, it provided him with premium accommodations and covered travel expenses. One thing is for sure – the Spanish player is going to remember this January not only with his participation but also with becoming a multimillionaire in a matter of hours.

Right after the end of this special championship, the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure commenced with its riveting poker events. This time interest towards participation reached even further and there were more than 1,600 players registering for poker action at the Atlantis Resort and Casino. The culmination point was the Main Event featuring a buy-in of US$10,300 which managed to draw some 865 players willing to go all the way to the top.

The overall prize pool of this event reached US$8.4 million whereas the festival saw a prize pool of US$36.3 million. This is how both premium congregations reached the combined figure of US$63 million in cash prizes granted over a total of 11 days.