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Wasaga Beach Councilor Claims Casino Venue Belongs to Future Downtown Community Hub

The first months of every year are reserved for projections and estimations for the upcoming period. Wasaga Beach is one of the locations with quite the gaming potential which is expected to see Gateway Casinos and Entertainment transforming it and making it an even more attractive location for individuals from near and far. Even though work on the new community hub project including a gaming venue is in hiatus at the moment, Councilor Joe Belanger claims that it will accomplish its previously set goals.

Wasaga Beach has the potential to welcome a crowd of gaming enthusiasts in the foreseeable future and this has been a feasible goal ever since back in October Gateway Casinos announced it is planning on building a casino venue there. This stirred the pot and as it usually happens, it polarized the opinion in the area with people supporting and condemning the gaming venue plans. Later on, Wasaga Beach then-Mayor Brian Smith pointed out that the casino and entertainment complex is going to boost the local economy.

Wasaga Beach Set to Welcome Gaming Soon

This project is expected to provide as many as 400 individuals members of the community with a steady income. In addition to that, the community is also going to benefit from the regular allocations coming from the gaming revenue generated on site of the gaming venue. Projections are that Wasaga Beach is going to witness additional CA$2 million solely thanks to the new casino facility.

However, the community hub could become reality in its entirety only, as every part of the complex is essential for the area. Coun. Belanger stated that the project for rejuvenating and revitalizing the downtown area of the city should come into existence with all its elements. Any changes to it, such as the exclusion of a given building would mean that the entire project is threatened by failure.

The integrity it has mandates that the community hub, the gaming venue, as well as the accommodation offerings should be constructed together in the upcoming years. This is all being done in order to ensure that Wasaga Beach is back to its glory days of popularity. Making the area attractive again is not an easy task, but it appears to be feasible for local officials making a move in a positive direction.

Concerns Regarding the New Venue Abound

The overall cost of the downtown project would reach CA$45 million which is a figure concerning locals. For the time being, the government has not announced whether or not it will offer Wasaga Beach funding for the project. This essentially means that the local community remains the sole investor in this project, a fact that has not gone unnoticed by community members concerned by the cost of the downtown hub.

Mr. Belanger claims that the entire plan has been thoroughly revised and all options and factor have been weighed. For the time being, Gateway Casinos has not pinpointed an exact location for its future casino operation in Wasaga Beach. Previously mentioned alternatives to the downtown hub are the waterfront area, as well as the roundabout which would guarantee easy access and a constant flow of customers.

The community pursuits negatively the idea of a waterfront area casino venue, whereas Coun. Belanger claims that the new community hub would be most suitable for a casino venue operation. Upcoming months are set to see more development on the subject.