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Kingsway Entertainment District Opponent Mark Signoretti Calls Timeout Putting Taxpayers First

This week was pinpointed as a special one for the Kingsway Entertainment District since one of the most active opponents of the project Ward 1 Councilor Mark Signoretti filed in two motions striving to improve Sudbury’s future. He claims that development and investment in the project should come to a halt due to the uncertainty surrounding the entire project and its future.

For months, Kingsway Entertainment District remains one of the topics of fervent debate across Greater Sudbury with both supporters and opponents of the idea voicing their opinions on the subject. Now one of the city councilors with the most prominent position on the future of the project filed two motions that would aim to accomplish his ultimate goal of hitting the pause button on development until the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal issues its stance.

Taxpayers’ Money Should Not be Wasted, Says Councilor

According to Mr. Signoretti, it makes no sense for the project to continue according to the previously issued schedule of development if it is still in limbo and there are as many as 12 appeals filed in relation to it. The Local Planning Appeal Tribunal has the responsible task to review all of them and issue its decision, which is expected to take some time. Appeals field range from the parking lot and casino venue rezoning to the rezoning of the event arena.

Furthermore, there are also a total of three appeals to the casino project amendment. Members of the community express their position on the project in a clear manner. They state that the project management failed to meet their expectations and seek the public input on this project that could reshape Greater Sudbury. Local developer Dario Zulich has previously claimed that Kingsway Entertainment District has the potential to boost the region and it will bring a positive change to it.

Regardless if this controversial situation, investment, and construction continue on site. Sudbury’s Chief Administrative Officer Ed Archer recently pointed out that the project is moving according to schedule and nothing could slow down the development process happening on site. Back in September, Mayor Brian Bigger pointed out that the project has been carefully reviewed and it could safely progress ahead despite the opposition.

Motion Could Pass Thanks to New Council Members

Mr. Signoretti stated once again that this is unfair towards community members that will have to pay for the development on site. The level of uncertainty at the moment is too high and he claimed that it does not feel right to continue fueling the project with more of the voters’ cash.

Even though he opposes the project, he also clarified that one of the motions aims temporarily to stop the project, until the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal has had its say. Local officials have to make sure that taxpayers have their rights protected and their expectations are met. If keeping their best interest at heart becomes a priority for the project management and the City Councilors, this is projected to have a positive impact in the long run.

This is not the first time when Mr. Signoretti has introduced a similar motion. Last year saw a move in this direction, which was later nixed. Now he is encouraged that new members of the city council could approve his proposal.