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Alberta Lottery Players Eligible for CA$2,437,037 in Unclaimed Tickets Have Weeks Left to Bag Prizes

Lottery tickets are among the most valuable pieces of paper for players who hope to claim some of the premium cash payouts for matching the most digits drawn. However, sometimes life gets in the way of claiming those big cashes and they remain unclaimed for months. At the moment, across the province of Alberta, there are several unclaimed lottery prizes with only several months left until they expire forever, never to reach their winners.

According to the information issued in 2016, Alberta has an estimated population of 4,067,175 individuals, making it the fourth most populous province across Canada. This means that more people are willing to give lottery a try and are drawn to its wide variety of games. The Western Canada Lottery Corporation is responsible for the raffle and Scratch ’n Win offerings across Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Yukon, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavut. Thanks to its detailed database, players could easily check whether or not there are any unclaimed prizes in their region.

Lottery Winnigns Remain Unclaimed for Months

Thanks to the information provided, it is clear that Alberta has the largest number of unclaimed winning lottery tickets at the moment and there are only several months left until they all expire. The two largest jackpots, which could soon sink into the revenue, both reach CA$1,000,000. June 1 will see the expiration of the first one if nobody comes forward with the coveted piece of paper.

The winning MAXMILLIONS ticket was purchased in Calgary at the beginning of June 2018 and later on, it matched the 7-8-14-20-23-27-37 number combination drawn. Another MAXMILLIONS ticket worth CA$1,000,000 matched all numbers drawn exactly a week after that, but for the time being an exact purchase location has not been pinpointed. A player from Edmonton in possession of a Lotto 6/49 ticket is also eligible for a relatively large cash payout of CA$10,000 which will expire on June 16.

Almost a month later, on June 13 a Lotto MAX ticket worth CA$175,009.30 could also expire, if nobody claims its prize. It comes with 1-4-5-22-25-32-34, as well as the Bonus number 27 printed on it. Another Lotto MAX ticket could witness its last valid day on August 24. Whoever is in possession of this ticket could bag CA$95,696.20, the jackpot for matching the numbers drawn last August – 3-5-7-11-13-20-29, and the Bonus number 30.

Unclaimed Prizes Have Their Expiration Date

When all is said and done, September 2018 ended up being quite eventful for the province of Alberta, as three winning tickets were drawn. The first one which is projected to expire on September 14 is a Lotto MAX one which could grant its owner some CA$522,400, because it perfectly matches the number combination drawn – 1-3-5-10-16-27-43, plus the Bonus number 14.

A day after that, on September 15, 2018 another player in Alberta witnessed an exact match, this time of the ticket number 4639052. This fortunate event guarantees them some CA$100,000, if they get in contact with the Western Canada Lottery Corporation in time. The last lucky draw for that month took place towards its end – on September 29.

This is when one lucky Lotto 6/49 ticket matched the number combination drawn. The digits shown were to the likes of 1-6-7-10-31-49, as well as a Bonus number 39 which makes the piece of paper worth CA$55,809.70.