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Die Hard Poker League Season 14 Brings Cash Prizes of CA$55,800 over Its First Half

When it comes to poker tournaments featuring generous offerings for everyone interested, the Die Hard Poker League is among the preferred ones ever since 2005. This year is going to see the second half of Season 14 bringing more and even more riveting poker tournaments to the players at Surrey. Today Casino Reports’ team is going to look through the poker events sprinkled across the September-December time window of 2018.

The first No-Limit Hold’em event of this season took place on September 8, 2018 at Coyote Creek Golf Club in Surrey and managed to attract some 95 entries in total. Each and every one of them had to provide the mandatory CA$100 buy-in in order to reserve a spot at the event. The prize pool for it amounted to CA$9,400 which was later on divided among the top 12 players, led by Doug Cornelson. He bagged the first-place prize of CA$2,200 for his excellent performance.

Poker Action Part 1

Only a week after that, Event #2 was set to commence on September 14. The single-day event provided players willing to make it in with a fast-paced poker action and a quick way to make it far in the tournament’s structure. This time 97 individuals registered for participation. Prize pool and the mandatory entry fee remained the same, making for an affordable poker event.

Dave Coller was the player who managed to outplay all his rivals on the way to the top and bag the lion’s share of CA$2,500. Bobbi Frost from the United States claimed the runner-up position on the official leaderboard. As it has been confirmed later on, every event appeared to be attracting an even larger crowd than the one before. Event #3 drew 98 participants, eventually increasing the prize pool to CA$9,600.

It took place on October 12 and this time the winner was a Canadian accomplished player Brant Taylor bagging a total of CA$2,500. Cornelson claimed the consolation prize of CA$1,700 for his performance. Next up was yet another No-Limit Hold’em poker game, preferred by the organizer so the festival, as it is probably the most popular one on a global level.

The Best is Yet to Come

October 2 saw the fourth event of the Die Hard Poker League’s schedule, once again guaranteeing generous payouts for the top 13 positions on the official leaderboard. 9 participants made their way to their assigned seats, boosting the prize pool to CA$9,400. Local player Steve Tamboline managed to climb all the way to the first spot and bag CA$2,400 as a result of his deep run in the event.

Another opportunity for making it all the way to #1 presented itself at the No-Limit Hold’em Event #5 scheduled to transform November 16 into a poker bonanza. A total of 97 individuals entered the event, each of them paying CA$100 in order to claim a spot around the poker tables available at the Coyote Creek Golf Club. Dan Molatore became the winner of this event, as he defeated all of his rivals and climbed to the throne and CA$2,100 coming with it.

This is how the poker festival came to the last event of 2018 – Event #6. December 14 was set as the day, on the verge of the holiday season and 88 people made their way into the event. Prize pool swelled to CA$8,600, as many familiar faces joined the group. Coller claimed the top position, bagging CA$2,150, whereas Molatore ended up third with a CA$1,100 cash payout. Now January 11 will bring the long-anticipated Event #7 of this festival with more exciting poker action.