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Shorelines Casino Peterborough Shows Field Cannibalisation Tendencies, Recovery Expected

Shorelines Casino in Peterborough launched operation on October 15, 2018, a date that will go down in history as one of the highly anticipated ones for the region. Ever since then the location has been welcoming its guests and casino patrons with great success, however, at the expense of local businesses with many years of experience, as well as the bingo hall that catered to the needs of players prior to October last year.

The premium casino venue, which launched operation only several months ago, has already proven to be a preferred spot for gaming, as well as more family-friendly offerings for members of the community and neighboring ones. People are attracted by the new offerings, which appear to be more appealing on a city level. Recently some of the restaurant owners in the vicinity of the casino venue expressed their worries.

50-percent Revenue Plunge Seen at a Local Restaurant

Because the casino venue promotes its food offerings as inexpensive and diverse, more and more people tend to make their way there and try them. Later on, they return for more, which inevitably leads to a shift in the general interest towards the traditional restaurant offerings in the vicinity. Warren Hennessy, owner of Hendows Fine Foods Catering recently voiced his position regarding the casino buffet operation.

Only a month after the casino venue launched operation, his restaurant saw a 50 percent plunge of revenue. People wanted to try the new location and little by little work began slowing down. A couple of weeks ago the owner raised awareness of this shift and people were quick to make their way back to the known and beloved cozy location. Supporting the small businesses and local entrepreneurs, in general, appears to be high on the list of priorities for some people.

The season of giving was the most convenient time for the restaurant to draw more attention to itself with the help of the special Christmas Day event. Everyone left without anywhere to go on that day of joy was more than welcome at a traditional Christmas dinner with turkey. As many as 20 people almost filled the location to full capacity and enjoyed the meal.

Local Bingo Hall Also Suffered

It often happens that a big brand makes its way in a given community and robs local smaller businesses of the opportunity to grow and evolve. Unfortunately, something similar has happened in Peterborough with the introduction of one of the largest Shorelines Casino venues in operation. It could be recalled that prior to its official opening date, the community expressed its opposition to the project.

In response to this, back then Mayor Diane Therrien stated that the project would boost the community and its economy through investing back in it. Delta Bingo and Gaming was the preferred location for gaming offerings and players were more than happy with offerings available on site. Shortly after October 15, Cam Johnstone, owner of the bingo hall began noticing a concerning tendency of fewer players entering the venue.

Later on, the 30-percent drop registered in the revenue of the gaming venue proved his concerns. However, charity organizations in the area rely on the bingo operation, as it guarantees them regular allocations. However, Mr. Johnstone later claimed that experience shows that even though the business might go through a temporary low point, several weeks later it usually reaches its previous levels of operation.