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Quebec Woman Battling Breast Cancer Bags CA$1M Jackpot, Spoiling Herself and Loved Ones Now a Priority

Stories of lottery winners are always a thrilling experience to come across, as there are so many different people willing to bag the large cash prizes provided by the diverse lottery games in Canada. This is especially true if players have a touching story to tell, such as Mona Gilbert who won CA$1 million thanks to last Friday’s Loto-Quebec Extra draw. What makes her special is her ongoing battle against breast cancer.

Loto-Quebec bid farewell to 2018 with the help of an extremely generous Extra game which ended up being the golden ticket for one player making her a millionaire in an instant. The January 28 draw which was the last one for the year feature one player who instantly became eligible for the top prize of CA$1 million. Mrs. Gilbert, 47, is amid her own battle with cancer and this windfall has the potential to change her life for the better, as she pointed out.

Lottery Draws are More Than Generous

Lady Luck could smile on any player regardless of their story or what led them to purchase the winning lottery ticket, but sometimes it could brighten the days of individuals with the most touching stories. The past one year was more than tough for the lottery player who has to balance between work and chemotherapy in order to make the needed steps towards better days.

Mrs. Gilbert hails from Alma, Quebec and she decided to try her luck at the lottery game. Since it has the grand prize on offer, many individuals share her attraction to the CA$1-million cash prize. Not long after the start of the lottery draw, she realized that her numbers are, in fact, the winning ones and found it hard to believe. Once the initial shock faded away, her first thought was that she would no longer have to worry about financial issues.

The grand prize was an unexpected surprise for her, which would guarantee her financial well-being. She pointed out that this will ensure she can focus on her health. She was also gracious enough to share a bit of her story at Radio-Canada. Mrs. Gilbert stated that at first she was told she had a breast tumor which later on turned out being three tumors. Eventually, doctors said she had five which prompted a mastectomy and ongoing chemotherapy.

To-Do List Filled with Pampering

Now that she is officially a millionaire, she said that the first thing on her to-do list is to dedicate time to herself and her own needs by pampering treatments and relaxation at the spa. She also intends on making some improvements to her property which will make it even more easy on the eye. The small fortune will also bring coveted gifts and treats for her kids, as she wants to put a smile on their faces as well.

Furthermore, if everything goes according to plan, she said that a convertible might also be on the way, as it is also on her wishlist. Santa Claus might have been generous towards her, but she is about to become her own Santa Claus thanks to the Extra grand prize. Thursday is the day when she will claim her cash prize.

She is eligible for the prize as she managed to match all seven digits drawn. Her ticket has 9-6-3-3-6-7-4 printed on it. Those two players who managed to match only the last 6 digits will now have to share the runner-up prize and bag CA$25,000 each.