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Chances Casino Relocation Greenlighted on a City Level in Mission, Anticipates BCLC’s Final Say

Chances Casino in Mission recently made a crucial move and is now well on its way to permanently change its address of operation. With the help of a long-anticipated meeting at the City Hall, the council held a special vote which had the main objective to determine the casino venue’s future and whether or not it will relocate for good bringing expanded offerings on site.

Ever since its official announcement back in November, the special meeting was eyed by everyone interested in the casino venue development. December 12 was a date of great importance, as it saw a 6-1 vote in support of the casino venue relocation and expansion of operation. The venue is overseen by Gateway Casinos and Entertainment, the giant in the gaming industry. The proposal was made last month, as the casino developer is willing to introduce more to its players.

Casino Venue Preparing for Final Say on Relocation

According to the previously announced plan for action, the approval of such relocation and subsequent expansion will see the casino venue move from its current spot in the vicinity of Value Village on 7178 Horne St. and move it all the way to a land lot across Walmart. This change of location is going to provide enough space for a larger casino floor, bringing more to casino patrons from near and far.

At the meeting this Wednesday the sole opposer of the relocation idea turned out being Coun. Danny Plecas who voted with a No when it was time for casting votes. The meeting also provided an arena for discussion of future plans for the casino venue and how this change of permanent address is going to affect both gaming operation on site and the community in general. As many as 20 people from the community expressed their position on the subject.

Many of them stated that the development will bring a positive surge of operation as well as increased interest towards the gaming venue and its new offerings available on site. In the meantime, there were also individuals speaking in relation to the potential negative effect of a relocation of the casino venue.

BCLC Should Issue Final Decision Soon

Some of the arguments against an address change cited a surge of traffic in the Walmart area, which is already heated because of the store customers. Increased crime rates were also mentioned as one of the negative consequences of a new larger casino venue. The city itself is known for its relatively conservative approach and for the longest time pharmacy construction in the downtown area of the city was strictly prohibited.

In this sense, many permanent residents of Mission were surprised to learn that their beloved city is willing to bring a larger and flashier gambling facility to the region. Now that the proposal to the British Columbia Lottery Corporation received a nod, the new venue will increase in size from 16,000 square feet to 30,000 square feet. Up until now, the venue was able to offer its patrons a modest dining area, whereas now it will feature a 10,000-square-foot restaurant.

As for the slot machines number, it is going to increase from 125 to 225, providing more casino enthusiasts with the chance to give their luck a try. The City Council has given its nod to the proposal and now the only step left is the approval of the British Columbia Lottery Commission.