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Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation Raises Awareness of Underage Lottery Players this Holiday Season

‘Tis the season of giving and everyone appears to be on the pursuit of the most suitable gift for their loved ones and close friends. People are also open to new opportunities and trying things they’ve never done before. This is why parents across Canada are used to purchasing lottery tickets with the main incentive that the holidays are the best time for anyone to give their luck a try.

However, problem gambling across the younger generation in Nova Scotia is a concern worth pointed out by Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation. There is a wide variety of lottery games available throughout the province and the popularity of this activity is well-known. People prefer it, as it defers to other more traditional types of gambling bearing a stigma.

Lottery Tickets are Not as Harmless as People Think

This is why many parents and grandparents are quick to stock on the precious pieces of paper once the holiday season commences, as they know kids will enjoy such gifts. What often remains overlooked, however, is the addictive nature of this type of gaming offering. Even though it might appear to be an innocent game which could potentially bring someone a fortune as a prize, there is a deeply concerning element of chance to it, which makes it a highly addictive spare time activity.

Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation recently issued a special announcement notifying players from near and far about the true risks of lottery gambling and especially when it comes to minors. Their easily-impressive minds are still in their formative stage and they could easily fall prey to the devastating compulsive gambling tendency. Bob MacKinnon, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation addressed adults purchasing scratch tickets for their kids.

He said that the individuals of legal age could enjoy the wide variety of lottery games and scratch tickets, but they are simply inappropriate for the younger generation. However, this is nothing new, as the gaming giant has been dedicating its efforts to reduce gambling addiction among minors for many years now. There is even a regular campaign jointly led by the International Center for Youth Gambling Problems and High-Risk Behaviors at McGill University and the National Council on Problem Gambling.

Measures for Battling Gambling Addiction across Nova Scotia

More than 50 lotteries operating across Canada, neighboring US, as well as across the globe are part of this campaign, seeking to provide the masses with more information about problem gambling across minors and the risks of it. There is also the mandatory age restriction sign printed on every lottery ticket sold across Canadian provinces, showing that individuals under the age of 19 should not purchase or participate in the gaming offering.

For people in need of guidance and support in the trying times of gambling addiction, there is the Gambling Support Network established for Nova Scotia residents. It provides them with both online and real person hotline support for both the addicts and their close ones suffering the direct effect of problem gambling. Around the clock experts on the subject make sure they provide everyone contacting them with reassurance and understanding while maintaining the confidentiality of the conversations.