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Kenora Welcomes Northwestern Ontario Wellness Responsible Gambling Survey, Seeks Participants Wednesday

Problem gambling and the devastating impact it has on individuals has been a topic of wide discussion across the Canadian provinces allowing casino operation. This week is set to bring efforts towards battling the compulsive tendency a step further as the Keep it Fun responsible gambling campaign will launch in Kenora, Ontario this Wednesday.

In order to provide the community with more information about the risks of compulsive gambling and how the tendency could spiral out of control if left without supervision, the Kenora and Area Problem Gambling Prevention group has decided it is high time that action was taken. With the help of this new campaign, the community will be thoroughly informed about the true potential of problem gambling.

Problem Gambling Impact on Kenora Could be Reduced

This Wednesday is a special one for the region, as it is going to see the launch of the campaign at the CityView Boardroom of the Northwestern Health Unit. Members of the community, as well as representatives of media outlets, will have the chance to attend the congregation and learn more about future plans of the organization.

Everyone interested in participating in the research will have the chance to sign in during the presentation. The Center for Addictions and Mental Health will seek individuals willing to provide their insight in order to elevate the findings of the Northern Ontario Wellness. Everyone interested is more than welcome to attend the congregation opening doors at 3 p.m. local time.

The next 60 minutes will be dedicated to presenting more information regarding the project and how it could positively impact the community. The University of Toronto is also involved in the research project, as it is set to closely collaborate with the Center for Addictions and Mental Health on the study. Everyone interested could also apply via a phone call or by emailing Emily Todd.

Details of the Planned Survey

Participants in the study will have to be above the age of 18, as they must have the legal right to gamble. Furthermore, they will have to be permanent residents of the Kenora area, as this study focuses on locals solely. Once they have registered for participation in the survey, people will be obliged to complete the provided questionnaire available online.

There are several types of questions which should be answered in a clear and concise manner, shedding more light on the individual. People will have to provide information about their age, their education, but also their previous experience with gambling and preferred gaming offerings. The survey also seeks to learn more about people’s general attitude towards gambling, assessing the way people perceive gaming.

Participants in the study will also have to provide some more information about their mental and physical health, as this too has an effect on the assessment. All individuals signing up for this survey will do it voluntarily, but they will be compensated for dedicating their time to it by receiving some CA$25. Each of the questions included in the questionnaire could be left unanswered if the individuals refuse to provide the information.

In order to maintain and reduce compulsive gambling impact on the community, the Northwestern Health Unit suggests that working hours of casino venues are reduced. ATM withdrawals are essential for players, which is why access to them and the amount which could be withdrawn from bank machines in the vicinity of gambling venues should also be limited, according to the unit.