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Patrick Serda Takes Down WPT Montreal CA$5,300 Main Event for CA$855,000

The WPT Montreal festival which took place at the Playground Poker Club was brought an end mere hours ago after the Canadian poker professional Patrick Serda took down the event and emerged victorious from the 792 entry field.

As already revealed by Casino Reports, the WPT Montreal CA$5,300 Main Event gathered a total entry field of 792 players who clashed for a chunk of the overall CA$5-million prize pool, which has been the largest prize pool so far in the current WPT Season.

Patrick Serda emerged victorious after facing tough competition from the rest of the players, especially on the final day and the final table of the event, where he had to stand against Ema Zajmovic, a member of the WPT Champions Club. The grand victory brought Serda a massive prize of CA$855,000 which includes the player’s US$15,000 entry into the WPT Tournament of Champions at the current Season XVII, with the prize money also being the second-biggest live cash generated by the Canadian so far. It also helped him bring his total live earnings to over US$1,700,000.

Serda commented his victory, saying that it “feels a lot better than previous wins”. As mentioned above, this has been the second most significant victory of the Canadian player after the runner-up position in the €10,300 EPT High Roller event he managed to get to in Prague in December 2016.

Serda Denies Ema Zajmovic Second WPT Title

At the final day of the event, Ema Zajmovic, who is the first woman to win an open WPT event, came close to winning her second WPT title but Serda denied her the victory. He faced some tough competition at the final table, with Zajmovic, Sorel Mizzi and Upeshka De Silva being there, too.

It took 40 hands for the first player to hit the rail at the final table of the WPT Montreal CA$5,300 Main Event, with Jiachen Gong being the first one to leave. Another 46 hands later, and De Silva embraced the fifth place, followed by Ehamparam only six hands later. The heads-up play was ready to start after a short three-handed play.

At the time when there were only two players left around the final table, Ema Zajmovich held a slight lead over Patrick Serda. Serda, however, managed to get a small edge and used it to his advantage, eventually denying Zajmovic her second WPT title.

With Patrick Serda who emerged as a winner of the WPT Montreal CA$5,300 Main Event and took home a CA$855,000 which also includes his $15,000 entry into the season-ending WPT Tournament of Champions, Ema Zajmovic remained on the runner-up position and was awarded a CA$556,000 cash prize for her efforts. The third place was occupied by Sorel Mizzi who got a prize of CA$410,000.

Kauvsegan Ehamparam remained fourth, followed by Upeshka De Silva and Jiachen “Jack” Gong, who got fifth and sixth, respectively.