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Peterborough Welcomes Problem Gambling Prevention Week Held by the Responsible Gambling Council

Peterborough, Ontario, has welcomed the Responsible Gambling Council which is to stay there until Sunday to discuss the possible impact gambling could have on people, as well as the importance of catching the early symptoms of a potential gambling addiction.

Representatives of the Responsible Gambling Council have arrived in Peterborough as part of the Problem Gambling Prevention Week, which is aimed at raising the awareness of local people of possible negative consequences which a gambling problem could have on their lives. Greg Eaton, a team lead with the Council, explained that there are a lot of early signs which warn of a possible gambling problem but they are often neglected or misinterpreted.

According to research carried out by the Council, approximately 3.4% of the residents of Ontario have been suffering from a moderate to severe gambling addiction. When applied to Kawartha Lakes and the counties of Peterborough, Northumberland and Haliburton, this percentage rate would represent approximately 8,500 adult residents.

As part of the Responsible Gambling Council’s campaign, a series of informal, interactive displays at local gambling venues to give gamblers the chance to learn more about gambling addiction. As the Council has revealed, the right timing of spotting the warning signs of a developing gambling problem is particularly important because the situation only gets worse in time.

Gamblers Must Pay Attention to Their Feelings When Gambling

The Responsible Gambling Council, a charity organization which efforts are especially aimed at preventing gambling addiction by raising the awareness of gambling-related harm and providing more education about the issue, has been concerned with the rising number of people whose lives get hurt by negative consequences of gambling. The organization is trying to provide more information about gambling addiction and how to spot the early signs of a potential gambling problem by various education and conversation modules.

This year’s campaign of the Responsible Gambling Council is focused on making people pay more attention to their own feelings when gambling, as explained by Mr. Greg Eaton. He further noted that people who suffer from problem gambling often feel frustrated and anxious when gambling.

Apart from problem gamblers themselves, friends and families of such people also face negative consequences. According to the results of a study commissioned by the Responsible Gambling Council, approximately 10% of Ontario residents have faced some negative consequences because of someone else’s gambling. This year’s campaign is also aimed to help gamblers’ friends and families to recognize the early signs of gambling addiction and help them deal with it.

The Problem Gambling Prevention Week initiative has been held as part of the Council’s efforts to help people who are dealing with problem gambling, as well as their families and friends. The campaign has already been hosted by a number of locations in Ontario, including Windsor and Essex County, as previously revealed by Casino Reports.