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Tuscarora Nation’s Leader Claims No Laws Were Violated by His Maxton-Based Casino

The 57-year-old Kendall Locklear, who was pointed as the leader of the Tuscarora Indian Nation and owned one of the three casinos which have recently been raided by North Carolina authorities, denied breaking any state and federal laws and revealed that he had no relation with the rest of the gaming houses run within the tribe.

Mr. Locklear also claims that each one of the gaming machines hosted by the facilities had permits and showed some documents which according to him back his words that no law had been broken through the operation of his Maxton casino. In an interview with The Robesonian, he explained that he had nothing to do with the rest of the gambling venues raided more than a week ago and said his land is under different jurisdiction, as it is not operated under the Constitution of the US but under the treaties. As far as the other two illegal casinos situated in Pembroke and Red Springs are concerned Mr. Locklear said their land is currently part of North Carolina and they pay duties to the state, as they were running their venues under federal, state and local laws.

After his gambling property was raided by North Carolina law enforcement authorities, the man faced three charges of gambling, three charges of illegal possession of at least five gaming machines, illegal possession and intent to distribute marijuana and other drug substances.

Locklear Claims His Land Is Not Part of North Carolina State

According to a deed dated 2014, which Kendall Locklear showed The Robesonian, he owns 11.23 acres of land which is secured under an agreement with Tuscarora Country’s sovereign Government. In other words, the document shows that the land of Locklear is actually exempt from gambling revenue taxes, as it is under the jurisdiction of the Tuscarora Nation’s government branch office.

As revealed by Casino Reports at the time of the raids, either federal or state authorities do not recognize the Tuscarora Nation in North Carolina as a Native American tribe. The Tuscarora Tribe is recognized as such in New York under federal law, but as Locklear himself revealed, it has distanced itself from the one in North Carolina.

Back in November 2016, the latter actually authorized Locklear to operate some slot machines for entertainment purposes and sell certain products on his land. The man also claims that he has consulted with Six Nations to see whether he was actually allowed to operate gaming machines and was given the green light for that. He first bought two machines and increased their number to 20, after which he had the casino built, with the latter being operating for a little more than a year.

As explained by Locklear to a reporter of The Robesonian, he had purchased 83 gaming machines and had planned to invest the proceeds to expand his business further. Also, as part of the agreement under which was given a Six Nations-issued gaming permit, 5% of the earnings generated at the casino had to be contributed to an established fund to help people who face financial difficulties.

Mr. Locklear also denied all other charges faced, saying that he had nothing to do either with the seized marijuana plants or with alcohol serving and firearms stashed on the property.