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The First eSports Venue on the Vegas Strip Opens March 22

The first dedicated venue for eSports on The Strip, Esports Arena Las Vegas, opens Thursday at the Luxor Hotel and Casino. To celebrate the opening, it will host exciting events such as live-streamed tournaments and a special appearance by Twitch sensation Tyler “Ninja” Blevins.

With preparations underway early from last month, everything should be ready for the grand opening of Esports Arena Las Vegas, a long-anticipated venue for eSports which aims to attract 15- to 34-year-old millennial crowd. Last year, MGM Resorts International announced its partnership with international eSports consortium Allied Esports for a unique facility which would combine interactive gaming with Las Vegas nightlife. The Arena opens Thursday, March 22, with an impressive array of streaming and live music events, invitation-only tournaments, celebrity appearances, and more.

The property developed at Luxor Hotel and Casino is intended to be the central facility of Allied Esports’ international network. It is also the first permanent venue on the Las Vegas Strip built specifically to offer gaming entertainment for eSports fans. The 30,000-square feet facility features a competition stage, stadium seating, a 50-foot LED video wall and two bars. There is also a digital production and broadcast facility and a display of gaming history.

The arena is expected to instantly become the most preferred place for competitive gaming in Las Vegas, traditionally known for its casinos where slots, card and table games can be played. However, with the legalization of gambling and casinos across the country, other states are quickly appearing as competition for Las Vegas. Many experts also agree that the interests of young people are changing – eSports and online casinos are now much more appealing to Millennials than traditional forms of gaming.

Special Tournaments and Music Events for the Opening

Esports Arena Las Vegas has planned an exciting weekend, but everything starts on the opening day when several tournaments are to be held at the new venue. Guests who visit the dedicated arena on Thursday at Luxor Hotel and Casino will also see internationally-recognized chef José Andrés who will reveal the inspiration behind the special gaming-themed menu of the venue. Twitch and Fortnite streaming star Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins will also attend to make an announcement, followed by a one-on-one rematch in Final Round Exhibition between SonicFox and GO1.

Visitors will also see teams eUnited against Spacestation in a SMITE showdown and a Rocket League match of Rogue vs Ghost Gaming. Smash Masters League: Battle for Vegas circuit kicks off in the weekend at the Esports Arena Las Vegas with the $25,000 Super Smash Bros for Wii U event. The arena welcomes everyone aged 21 and older Saturday evening with an Esports Music Experience event when Trav Piper will open for Grimecraft and headliner Pegboard Nerds.