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China’s Poker Queen Celina Lin Got Engaged to Online Poker Pro Randy Lew

It is just the beginning of the year, but the poker world is already attracting a ton of media attention. Many are fascinated by the irresistible charm of poker, but the poker world has witnessed thousands of scandals. Needless to say, the poker industry is way more colorful than expected. Poker is an enjoyable hobby, and for some, a way to earn money. What makes the card game even more enticing is its social aspect. Poker has the power to gather people together around the table.

In fact, our experience proved that poker is the reason for a number of happy and emotional events such as marriages and engagements. Reading such news has always been a pleasure. Taking the crown of the year’s most unconventional engagement proposal is team PokerStar online pro Randy Lew.

This Tuesday, Randy Lew announced on Twitter that he proposed marriage to his girlfriend Celina Lin. The couple did not miss the opportunity to share their emotional moment with their fans. It is interesting to mention that Lin did not actually say “yes” to Lew’s proposal. Feeling overwhelmed by emotions, Lin’s first words were “No way!”. Lew shared that he was shocked by his girlfriend’s reaction at first, but he realized that her words mean “yes”.

Celina Lin Embarks on a Treasure Hunt to Find Her Engagement Ring

Lew proposed to Lin at Papamoa Beach in New Zealand. The proposal came just after a “heated discussion” between the two, triggered by the limited free time that they have to spend together. Lew proposed to Lin in a very unconventional and thrilling way.

According to reliable sources, Lin found a card of riddles. She admitted that she had a hard time in solving the riddles. Following various instruction, Lin eventually found herself at one of the couple’s favorite beaches. The ring was locked in a box and buried in the sand at the beach.

The ring was handmade from a piece of gold cellophane held together by a sticky price tag. Lin explained that the ring implies that the couple will choose the real ring together, because they do almost everything together. Unfortunately, Lin lost her luggage, where was the ring. She admitted that the handmade ring will be always one of the most precious pieces of jewelry she has ever had.

Lew and Lin have a relatively short relationship. The two have been dating since November 2016, but they know each other for quite some. They met in 2010 for the very first time, when Lin interviewed Lew during Asia-Pacific Poker Tour Macau. She admitted that she was not really familiar with Lew’s poker achievements by then. The entire team from Casino Reports wishes the couple a happy, healthy and long life together.