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Feud Between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk Spreads Like Wild Fire

The feud between the two poker greats Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk keeps on brewing on the Internet. Last weekend, the two poker notables appeared under the spotlight once again, after they engaged in a verbal battle. During a live YouTube podcast with Joe Ingram (a mid-high stakes poker player), the American poker pro Doug Polk spewed out a plethora of negative comments about the Canadian hardened poker veteran Daniel Negreanu.

The American player did not hesitate to use coarse language about Negreanu. During the two-hour conversation with Ingram, Polk said that Negreanu is a “massive hypocrite and […] an embarrassment to players and the game of poker”. The American poker player even accused Negreanu of being a “petty”. As it can be recalled, Polk has previously attacked Negreanu over his claims that increased rake at the low stakes is actually beneficial to the game as it is to attract more recreational players.

In fact, the entire poker community is still wondering what triggered that heated dispute between the two poker Titans. Some poker fans consider that Negreanu’s comments on Twitter to have opened Pandora’s box. Some time ago, Negreanu posted on his Twitter profile that unlike some other players that disappeared from the poker field due to other activities such as cryptocurrency, he is just into the game because it is entertaining and he loves it. Last year, Polk announced the launch of his new cryptocurrency news website called Coin Central. However, this remains only an unapproved theory.

Daniel Negreanu Responds to Polk’s Sharp Words

This time, the situation seems to go out of control and the two players are at daggers drawn. Polk’s words swirled through the media, firing off the light-hearted Negreanu. The Canadian poker legend did not waste any time to respond to Doug’s criticism.

In a new episode of his podcast on his own YouTube channel, Negreanu replied to Doug Polk’s verbal attacks. Earlier this month, Casino Reports produced an article dedicated to the American Poker Awards. As it can be recalled, the Canadian poker player found himself nominated in two categories, including “Poker’s Biggest Influencer” and “Video Blogger”.

What stirred up the hornet’s nest was the fact that Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk are nominated in the same categories. The two players will compete for the prestigious award, but that it seems that the award is not the only thing at stake, but also the two players’ pride. In his monthly podcast, Negreanu expressed his disagreement with seeing the name of Doug Polk among the nominees in the category “Poker’s Biggest Influencer”.

In his podcast, Negreanu explains that Polk “just attack[s] and criticize[s] others […] to get more spectators”. The Canadian player seems to be really vexed by the fact that poker experts decided to nominate Polk in the category “Poker’s Biggest Influencer”. The fourth annual Global Poker Index American Poker Awards, presented by PokerStars is to take place on 22nd February at 7 pm at the Andaz West Hollywood in Los Angeles.