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Alvin Zheng Triumphs in PokerStars MPC 28 Red Dragon Main Event

One of the most long-awaited poker festivals Macau Poker Cup 28 has already entered its closing stage. Many enthusiastic poker players from all over the world found themselves drawn to the Chinese gambling enclave for a shot at poker glory. Adrenaline at the City of Dreams reached dangerously high levels, especially the last few days. The most long-awaited Red Dragon Main Event is already in the books, but the fire is still smoldering.

Alvin Zheng is the player, who has over three million reasons to celebrate after shipping the first-place prize of HK$3,055,000 in PokerStars Red Dragon Main Event. The player managed to outlast a packed field of 1,122 contenders. As if the money prize is not bulky enough, the player was awarded also a $30,000 Platinum Package to the 2019 PokerStars Players Championship. That made the rest of the participants a bit more envious to Zheng’s good fortune, who congratulated each other on the good game.

Final Table Action

The event featured three starting flights and three more days of play. Day by day, the number of players was melting steadily, but the competition between the survivors was increasing. By the time the nine-handed final table was set, the players had already the sweet taste of success. Junhao Hong from China entered the final table as the biggest stack. Jiming Chen was the first to leave the final table. The player succumbed in 9th place for HK$248,000.

The three-handed battle saw Alvin Zheng, Jiang Ho Huang and Junhao Hong struggling to gain the upper hand. Eventually, Jiang Ho Huang fell victim to Zheng, thus bringing much-needed power to the soon-to-be-crowned Zheng. Even though Huang missed the chance to pocket the staggering grand prize, he collected HK$1,094,000 for his deep run in the event. It is important to note that the player demonstrated professional poker skills, but the cards did not go his way.

The intriguing heads-up battle started with Zheng chip leading. The eventual winner brought a tower of 11,915,000 in chips to the table. Hong, on the other hand, was not far behind with 10,540,000 in chips. Contrary to all expectations, the two-handed match did not last for long.

By the time the two players were locked in an all-in confrontation, Zheng tabled [As][Ac] to battle with Hong’s [10s][4s]. The board ran out [Ah][10d][5h][Js][Kh] to lock the victory for Zheng. As for Hong, he banked HK$1,824,000 for his runner-up finish. The festival is to wrap up on 11th February. Currently, the HK$80,000 High Roller Day 1 is in full swing.