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Internet Café Caught “Red-Handed” Allegedly Offering Illegal Gambling Payouts

The news about busted Internet cafés, which were caught “red-handed” allegedly offering illegal online gambling services are making the headlines more often. Today, the gambling world woke up to the news that yet another Internet café was shut down for alleged illegal gambling. The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office gave detailed information in relation to the case, emphasizing on the fact that illegal online gambling is becoming a growing problem on a global scale.

Butter’s Place in Spring Hill will cease operations after the local police found out that the Internet café is engaged in illegal online gambling. According to the police reports, the facility was paying the winners typically in cash. In that way, the business could avoid the attention of any financial institutions. The wrongdoers used the Internet café as a front for their illegal gambling operations.

In fact, Internet cafés are authorized to offer video slot-machine-style games, but they are not allowed to pay out the winners. Instead, the winners are gathering points, which can be used in the café to buy drinks or food. But as aforementioned, Butter’s Place paid the winnings to its customers in cash, which is in violation of the law.

Regular Visitors Oppose Butter’s Place Shut Down

Some people strongly opposed the closure of the Internet café, explaining that people visit it for fun and to establish social relations with other visitors of the café. Former customer Donna Bayshore was among the people, who disagreed with Butter’s Place suspension.

Responding to the severe criticism by some of the Butter’s Place former customers, HCSO Sgt. Scott Lamia commented that their job is to observe the law and make sure that no business or individual will violate it. Officials explained that over the past several years, more than 10 Internet cafés have been shut down for giving illegal payouts.

Speaking of the latest news, former Internet café owner Terry Kasberg shared his opinion on the matter, explaining that the state of Florida should allow Internet cafés to give payouts. That would be a win-win situation for both parties, including the Internet café owners and the state, which will bring an additional source of taxes to the budget.

The exponential growth of the online gambling industry has attracted the attention of many people around the world. Currently, online gambling is one of the most profitable and lucrative gambling sectors. However, many countries tend to restrict or ban the provision of online gambling services, which typically produces one and the same effect – burgeoning illegal online gambling operations.