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Steffen Sontheimer is World’s Best Poker Player, Daniel Negreanu Claims

When it comes to poker, one of the oldest and most discussed questions is whether poker is a game predominantly of skill or luck. It is hard to take a stance on the matter, as both elements play significant parts of the game. In fact, the perfect combination of luck and skills makes the game so enticing and thrilling. Needless to say, every poker enthusiast has their own opinion on who is the best in the game.

Such debates often get heated and a plethora of arguments can be spewed out of the fans mouths. Listings of the best worldwide poker players are usually based on the players’ live poker earnings. But that is not always an indicator for the players’ skills on the table. In fact, poker industry has witnessed thousands of scandals, involving professional or recreational poker players. Even though it is hard to believe, poker has a dark side.

Daniel Negreanu and the Yong Generation of Poker Players

Daniel Negreanu is one of the world’s most famous poker player, who usually tops various poker player rankings. The Canadian poker guru does not need any introduction, as every poker fan can easily recognize him on the poker felt. The light-hearted Canadian nicknamed “Kid Poker” made the waves with his opinion about the poker players nowadays. Not long ago, Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth got into a heated Twitter dispute about the quality of young players.

Nowadays, the poker players who qualify for the prestigious “world’s best player” title are the ones, who travel the Super High Roller circuits and do not hesitate to blow away massive amounts to pay the buy-in fees and walk away with the grand prize. Quite unsurprisingly, the Canadian poker player has a different stance on the matter. In a recent interview, the “Kid Poker” stated that Steffen Sontheimer is currently one of the best poker players.

For the most curious poker fans, it might be interesting to know why the Canadian poker pro finds young Sontheimer to be the best poker player. According to Negreanu, the German player “is balanced and correct” on the poker arena. Negreanu added that Sontheimer knows how to bluff really good. Speaking of hands he has played against Sontheimer, the Canadian poker pro explained that Sontheimer has the ability “to put you in spots you may not have seen before”.

Steffen Sontheimer is a German professional poker player. Despite his tender age of 27, Sontheimer has already $7,654,012 in live total earnings. The German plays online tournaments under the nickname “Go0se.core!” but Sontheimer could easily be the most recognized face in poker today.