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Sam Greenwood Angry at German High-Roller Poker Players

There is something about poker that gets the blood boiling. Poker is a charming play, which can easily gather people together around the table. But players should be also careful! Even though poker seems to be a polite social game, it can be also a good reason for a fight. The highly-popular card game has led to a number of angry poker fights and heated disputes. The dangerous charm of poker can turn into a verbal fight, or even worse – into physical fisticuffs.

A few days ago, the Canadian poker pro Sam Greenwood got very heated while off the table, fulminating against the German poker players via Twitter. The Canadian poker phenomenon challenged the fame of the German poker players, who are touted to be one of the best in the world. He used his Twitter profile to express his disappointment with the German poker players, describing them as “vultures waiting for worse recs to join the tourney”.

The Canadian also commented that many German poker players and high-rollers are waiting to see who is going to enter the big buy-in events and then they decide whether or not they will join the poker contention. In that way, the German poker players can choose tables predominantly occupied by recreational players, who are easy prey to the German sharks.

In his angered post, Greenwood explained that the players should start playing instead of lingering around to check who is going to enter the game. Some other poker notables shared Greenwood’s viewpoint, including WSOP Main Event champion Joe McKeehen, and 2010 UKIPT Edinburgh side event champion Niall Farrell.

Germans Backfire to Greenwood’s Criticism

The German poker players Koray Aldemir, Steffen Sontheimer, Stefan Schillhabel, and Dietrich Fast did not waste any time to respond to Greenwood’s verbal attacks. Aldemir explained that the German high rollers could not enter the poker competition in Prague as they had problems with the wiring of the money and they could not even see who is going to participate in the game. The fight between Canadian poker pro Sam Greenwood and the German high-rollers will undoubtedly remain in the history of most popular poker fights.

The big question is what provoked Greenwood’s anger to the Germans poker players. In fact, the debate started just after Sam Greenwood took down 2018 Aussie Millions $50K Challenge. The event was scheduled to continue for three days, but only one day was needed for the player to claim the grand prize. Only 4 players entered the poker arena, which was the reason for the quick culmination of the event. This infuriated the winner, who decided to express his feelings on Twitter.