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Daniel Negreanu Declares War Against Seating Scripts

Canada’s most famous poker player Daniel Negreanu sparked a heated debate 2 days ago, after the player released a video, in which he presented his position on the use of seating scripts by most of the prestigious cardrooms. The player also vented his opinion regarding the current state of online poker cash games. The Canadian top player not only blasted the cardrooms for using seating scripts, but he boldly announced that poker websites should ban users of such seating systems in order to tackle the scripting problem.

The seating scripts have invoked a lot of complaints in the recent years and the situation keeps on exacerbating. The highly-condemned seating scripts is a software program that automatically places the players, who use the software at the most profitable poker tables.

Many poker players poured forth fire and brimstone against the use of seating scripts, explaining that this will be the end of the online poker. Poker specialists explained that the seating scripts are against the meritocratic nature of the game. Apart from that, the seating scripts give a slight chance for the recreational players to win. In 2014, PokerStars announced its intention to limit and then ban players, who use seating scripts.

How to Tackle the “Seating Script” Problem

To address the issues that seated scripts are creating, PokerStars launched an experimental “Seat Me” system that automatically generates the seats for the players based only on their choice of a game and of a stake. In that way, players do not know who are the rest of their opponents on the table. As for now, PokerStars launched the new system on the European shared liquidity market. In its video blog, Negreanu urged the cardroom to roll out that system also on PokerStars’ other platforms in order to fully resolve the problem.

Despite the massive wave of discontent, it seems that the players are still allowed to use the seating scripts, without any consequences. That vexed many professional and recreational poker players, who upped their game in the fight against the seating scripts. One of the world’s most successful poker player expressed his disappointment with the poker websites, which still allow players to use the software program.

In a video blog, the high caliber player explained that the seating scripts are to kill online poker cash games. Even though Negreanu is part of the PokerStars Team Pro, he did not hesitate to criticize PokerStars for allowing this to happen. Poker newbies are easy preys to the professional poker players, who benefit from that knowledge to earn easy and quick money.

Joseph Ingram, an American professional poker player, also expressed his negative attitude towards the use of seating scripts. The poker player even referred to the players, who use seating scripts as “parasitic”. He also suggested that the players, who use seated scripts can be selected and allowed to play in a separate poker room from the regular players.