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New Blockchain Project to Revolutionize Sports Betting Market

The symbiosis between the innovative cryptocurrency and the online gambling market is getting stronger with each passing day. The global online gaming market is currently booming and operators are exploring various ways to evolve gaming experience. As a result, a number of online betting companies integrated blockchain into their digital platforms. In fact, online gambling was one of the earliest industries to adopt the cryptocurrency.

Investing in an initial coin offering (ICO) has turned into a sweeping trend. A research conducted by Credit Suisse, found out that gambling companies have a big presence on the ICO market. Some time ago, the Dragon Corp. announced that it is to raise $500 million in an ICO in order to finance a floating casino in Macau.

Betrium is the latest innovation that targets the online sports betting market. The project is developed by a group of entrepreneurs and the main idea behind it is to offer the first partly-decentralized worldwide betting service. In other words, token holders will be able to place bets or get a share of the profit with any of the already existing cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and others.

Betrium Comes with Unique Features and Ambitions

The Betrium platform aims at improving the online gambling environment by lowering payment commissions, speeding up bet processing and offering more flexible payment options. Apart from that, the API platform is quite useful for event organizers, developers and third-party betting service providers. In Betrium, bets are possible only after the event is underway and the outcome is only a matter of time. In the meanwhile, the odds are instantly recalculated.

Betrium is expected to debut on 28th February this year and it will continue on 30th March. Over this period, the platform will release 630,00,000 BTRM tokens. It is important to note that their price depends on the number of tokens issued during the ICO. The project includes a Pre-ICO and an ICO. The first stage of Pre-ICO was introduced in October last year and it continued until 22nd November.

The second stage is looming just behind the corner as it will be launched on 22nd January and it will continue until 14th February. However, contributors should bear in mind that the value of the BTRM during the second Pre-ICO stage will be a bit lower in comparison to its value during the first Pre-ICO phase. Best-case scenario projects that Betrium is to reach maximum exposure in as much as 25 different countries around the globe. It was explained that the platform will support some of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies. The users will pay just 1% commission on money deposits, withdrawals and winnings.