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Melanie Weisner and Kristen Bicknell Race Off to Big Win in “Femme Fatale” Week

The last night of the two-day “Femme Fatale” week on Poker After Dark sizzled with action. The last night’s game produced some big hands, which nailed the attention of the poker fans around the globe. The ladies that appeared under the spotlight of the poker show caused the adrenaline levels to spike. The poker community rarely sees so much beauty, charm and professionalism gathered at one table. Some of the poker’s most successful ladies demonstrated accomplished skills in the $20,000 minimum buy-in, $100/$200 No-Limit Hold’em cash games.

Melanie Weisner and Kristen Bicknell were the two charming ladies to take the reins after the second and final night of “Femme Fatale” week. The two finished the evening up over $100,000 to defeat the competition. The ladies that appeared under the bright lights of the poker show include Kristen Bicknell, Kathy Liebert, Sofia Lövgren, Kitty Kuo, JJ Liu, Melanie Weisner, and Tracy Nguyen. Unfortunately, Kitty Kuo could not appear on the poker scene for the last game session due to illness.

Undoubtedly, Kuo’s fans were disappointed by her absence on the poker arena, but as people say – the show must go on. Shortly after the cards were in the air, the American poker pro Melanie Weisner appeared to be stuck in a big confrontation against 888poker team pro Sofia Lövgren. The chip lead was transferring hands between the two ladies. However, Weisner’s strategy helped her to build a chip castle. This gave Weisner the much-needed boost to her stack of chips to eventually lead the line.

What Happened on the Poker Scene Last Night

The American poker heavyweight gained steam to lock horns with Tracy Nguyen. Weisner successfully trapped Nguyen with a speculative hand. Her bankroll currently amounts to $833,283, but she will certainly boost her earnings in the coming days. Weisner kept on enjoying a hot streak at the table to grind the stack of chips of yet another fantastic poker lady, and more precisely Kathy Liebert. Weisner river called against Liebert to build an emporium of chips.

The Canadian much-buzzed about female poker player Kristen Bicknell produced the other great poker story. She made her debut on Poker After Dark, but she performed more than brilliant. She played the biggest pot of the night against Tracy Nguyen. Bicknell finished the poker night with a few thousand ahead of Weisner to wave the flag of victory. In that way, she cemented her reputation as the best Canadian female poker player. It is interesting to note that last year, she was crowned as the best female player in the world.