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Canada’s Hot Performance in PokerStars Championship Prague So Far

Europe looks like a frozen kingdom right now, but nothing can stop the fans, who are truly dedicated to their favorite game of poker. The red spade is once again on its tour around Europe, welcoming fans from everywhere to demonstrate poker skills and hopefully boost their bankrolls. One, two, three… and here we go, PokerStars is in Prague for yet another year to offer 12 days of qualitative poker action and jaw-dropping prize pools.

The cards are already in the air since 8th December, and a handful of events are already in the books. Poker enthusiasts still have plenty of chances to enter the poker felt as some of the biggest tournaments are yet to commence. The festival is to run all the way through 18th December.

Even though some of the events already wrapped up, the heater from them is still smoldering. Canadians took the opportunity to remind the world that they are one of the best poker players with countless in-the-money finishes and trophies. PokerStars Championship in Prague saw the Maple Leaf being waved not only once.

There is at least one Canadian poker player to register in-the-money finish in almost all tournaments, played within PokerStars Championship Prague, which is currently underway. Needless to say, tournaments with a higher buy-in fee have always provoked greater interest among the poker fans. The lines below will present some more detailed information regarding the performance of the Canadian players in some of the largest tournaments.

Timothy Adams

It seems that Prague is the lucky poker destination for Timothy Adams, who managed to collect a cash prize of two of the biggest tournaments, including €10,300 No Limit Hold’em and €50,000 No-Limit Hold’em Super High Roller. In €10,300 No-Limit Hold’em tournament, the player succumbed in 3rd place for a massive prize of €69,000. In €50,000 No-Limit Hold’em Super High Roller, the player was already determined to seal the victory, and that is what happened. He topped a star-studded field in order to claim the lion’s share of the money pot, estimated to be €555,000.

Adams is among the most prolific and successful Canadian poker heavyweight. This is not an exaggerated statement, but the truth itself. The player has a plethora of in-the-money finishes and his current bankroll stands at $7,806,518, with a best live cash of $995,635. The player has started to play professionally since 2007. Over the years, Adams specialized in grinding poker tournaments. Here it is interesting to note that the player is well-known for his attachment to high-stakes tournaments.

Sam Greenwood

Sam Greenwood is the other Canadian poker player, who enjoyed a smooth sailing almost till the end of the same tournaments, in which Adams participated. However, the player hit the rail just before the end of both tournaments, being denied the chance to add yet another title to his extensive portfolio. In €10,300 No- Limit Hold’em tournament, Greenwood finished in 7th place for the consolation prize of €24,900. In €50,000 No-Limit Hold’em Super High Roller, the player finished in 5th place for the staggering prize of €147,000.

Greenwood’s poker career is also worth the attention. The player participated in a number of prestigious live poker tournaments around the world to catapult his bankroll to the current amount of $6,986,778. This year, the player was crowned champion in the Caribbean Poker Party $5,300 MILLIONS Main Event after defeating a stacked field of 1,061 fellow contenders. It is interesting to mention that he occupies 7th place in Canada’s All-Time Money List, just after Timothy Adams.