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Toys for Tots Charity Poker Event Raises Funds to Provide Christmas Gifts to Kids in Need

Christmas is approaching fast and many people are already decorating their homes to welcome Santa Claus. This is a magical time of the year, when people open their hearts and start to pay more attention to charity and fundraising campaigns. Over the years, organizers of such events have started to think of more interesting and enjoyable ways to draw people’s attention to participate in charitable events and collect more donations for various causes.

Poker has turned into a preferred game all over the world. Some people play it just for fun, while others use it is a good way to make money. The charm of the game inspired many charitable organizations to introduce a new way of raising funds, and more precisely charity poker. The idea turned out to be a great success, raising record-high amounts. At present, most of the poker cardrooms organize such charity poker events, offering people to have fun, while actively participating in a good cause.

Among the most popular charity poker events is One Drop tournament, presented by World Series of Poker. It raises money to solve water-related problems. A brief look at the tournament’s history reveals that many poker notables such as Canada’s Daniel Negreanu or America’s Doug Polk locked horns in a friendly poker game. In 2012, One Drop released a report, revealing that the poker event raised nearly $52 million over the previous five years.

Additional Information about Toys for Tots

It is important to note that there are a number of charity poker tournaments that are held every year. Toys for Tots is an annual poker event that raises donations to buy Christmas presents for kids in need. The single-day event is to commence on 1st December at 7 pm local time. The Rock Island Arsenal Golf Club clubhouse is to kindly play host to the charity poker event.

To enter the fun Texas Hold’em evening, enthusiasts will need to pay an entry fee of $50 and show a valid identity document. The top finishers are to bring home cash prizes and trophies. Organizers hope to help thousands of kids to have an unforgettable celebration. The event will also feature silent-auction items from the local sports teams and organizations. Participants, who donate toys are to receive certain bounties worth in the game.

Christmas without all the charitable events is like Christmas without a Christmas tree – incomplete. To maximize the amount of the raised funds, organizers started to think out of the box and introduce new unconventional fundraising way.