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Looking Back at 2017 Playground Poker Fall Classic List of Biggest Winners

Last week, the popular WPT fall Classic poker festival culminated with the C$3,850 Main Event. The festival kicked off on 29th October with a splash at Playground Poker Club in Montreal. The excitement was just building and building until 16th November, when the festival wrapped up with the Main Event’s winner booking a nice profit. The festival featured a bountiful selection of 17 events within its schedule. The poker festival has proven successful after its inaugural event. Players from many different countries were tempted to try their luck at Playground Poker Club. The great interest in the event eclipsed the guaranteed prize pool. The Fall Classic poker festival is already in the books, but there is plenty to talk about.

Casino Reports did not miss the opportunity to provide its readers with a full coverage of the most interesting events played during the festival. This article is to discuss the big winners in 2017 Playground Poker Fall Classic, who have their names engraved on the WPT Champions Cup.

William Blais Wins Inaugural Strangers in the Night Event

Along with the Main Event, the opening event is also a pivotal moment as it marks the official start of the festival. As people say it is never a bad day that hath a good night. Strangers in the Night was the first event to commence within the festival. After 4 starting flights and 2 more days of play, William Blais from Canada was crowned champion to add C$23,000 to his bankroll. Even though the player’s career is not really rich, his total live tournament winnings exceed $109,000.

Walter Asatoorian Takes Down C$250 Frenzy

Event #4 C$250 Frenzy was completed with Walter Asatoorian taking home a staggering first prize of C$45,000. The player managed to outlast a star-studded field, which generated a prize pool of C$200,000. This is one of the player’s most significant poker achievements and poker community hopes to see Asatoorian in action. The event featured 6 starting flights, which attracted the attention of 1,105 players. Day 2 of the event kicked off with just 225 poker hopefuls, who survived the starting flights.

Eric Danis Snares First Prize in C$550 NL Hold’em 6-Max

Eric Danis headlined Event #6: C$550 NL Hold’em 6-Max to pocket C$18,070. The player outmaneuvered a packed field of 181 players. Here it is interesting to note that many poker heavyweights also appeared on the poker tables, but they exited the game in its early stages to pave the way for Danis to emerge victorious. His triumph came after striking a 3-way ICM deal.

Dilovan Hussein Conquers C$1,100 No-Limit Hold’em 50/50 Bounty Tournament

The other Canadian poker player to perform brilliantly was Dilovan Hussein. He banked the first prize of C$17,380 after topping a field of 188 players. The player’s poker career cannot be defined as rich, but he has developed accomplished poker skills over the short time, which he spent on the poker tables. For the poker nerds, Hussein’s total live earnings amount to $170,466, with a best cash of $77,589.

Steven Worr C$385 No-Limit Hold’em Big Bounty

Steven Worr is the other player, who climbed the ladder of success in C$385 No-Limit Hold’em Big Bounty event. The player collected C$3,835 for his deep run in the event. The event attracted 191 entrants, who entered the felt to struggle for the lion’s share of the prize pool. The event sizzled with action.

Maxime Heroux Wins Long-Awaited Main Event

WPT trophy seems to remain on Canadian soil after Maxime Heroux run the wave of success to take down a field of 606 players. Along with the trophy, Heroux collected the jaw-dropping amount of C$403,570, a luxurious Hublot Big Bang Steel watch and $15,000 entry into the season-ending WPT Tournament of Champions. The player’s total live earnings amounted to $361,298 and his participation in the WPT Fall Classic main Event granted him his best live cash so far.

There were a number of other players, who also performed brilliant and the team of Casino Reports would like to congratulate all the players, who succeeded in WPT Fall Classic festival!