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Latest Updates from WPT Fall Classic Poker Tables in Montreal

Montreal has turned into a favorite destination for Canadian poker fans as the city established a tradition to host some of the most interesting poker events. Playground Poker Club is currently the arena of the popular festival Fall Classic organized by World Poker Tour (WPT). The festival commenced on 29th October and it is progressing at a rapid pace. The festival is to offer almost 3 weeks of quality poker action, which is to culminate with the end of WPT Montreal on 16th November. The festival is attracting professional poker players and enthusiasts, who are contending to snare a WPT title, a trophy and the biggest chunk of the guaranteed prize pool worth over $3,300,000.

Welcome to Day 1C of WPT Inaugural Event

The inaugural poker tournament in the festival Strangers in the Night have already welcomed its participants on 29th October and it is to announce the name of the winner on 2nd November. The event is planned to feature 4 starting flights in 4 separate days, and 2 more days of play. The poker contention has really got into full swing as Day 1C is already here. Once the clock announces the end of Day 1C, poker players will bag and tag their stacks of chips and march into Day 2 of the event. The chip counts of all the players will be added to the Combined End of Day 1 Results, which provides information regarding the stack of chips of all players, who are to enter Day 2 of the event.

There are only a few players, whose stacks of chips is worth more than 200,000. Irina Tchakarova, Timothy Larin, and Alain Boucher are among the players, who headlines the table at present. Yan Touchette also managed to strike it big after crossing swords with 3 other opponents in an all-in confrontation. Touchette managed not only to collect a massive stack of chips, but also to knock out 3 other opponents.

Day 1D of the event is to offer one last chance to the players to qualify for Day 2 of the event. According to the combined list of chip accounts, the largest stack on Day 1A is Denis Quirion with a stack of chips worth 261,500. William Blais bagged Day 1B overall chip lead, collecting 290,000 in chips.

The Crazy $80 is Currently Underway

A parallel event Event #2: The Crazy $80 also kicked off yesterday and it will continue until 3rd November. According to the schedule, the event is to feature 4 starting flights spread over 4 different days, and only 1 more day of play. The latest updates revealed that Mitchael Ferguson is the player, who collected the largest stack of chips. He is reported to hold a tower of chips worth 406,000. He is followed by Glen Hammers, who holds a stack of 293,500 in chips. Craig Daniel Gingras was the unfortunate bubble boy. He was eliminated by Glen Hammers, who is also steaming ahead to Day 2 of the event. After the completion of Days 1A, B, C, and D, the exact number of entrants will be announced.