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Ioannis Konstas Conquers WPTDeepStacks Netherlands Main Event

The final day of WPTDeepStacks Netherlands Main Event is already in the past, but the name of its winner will be engraved with golden letters in poker’s history. The Greek poker player Ioannis Konstas is €56,805 richer than before after taking down the field of one of the most long-anticipated events on the schedule of World Poker Tour festival in Netherlands. He finished off his heads-up opponent the local most likable character Tobias Peters in order to take home the trophy and the first money prize. The event kicked off at Holland Casino Valkenburg on 12th October and the winner was crowned on 15th October.

The event was running through 3 days and the poker tables were star-packed with some of the most prominent poker heavyweights, including WPT Amsterdam Main Event final tablist Jan Jansma, WPTDS Amsterdam final tablists Tobias Peters, Kees Aerts and Alberto Stegeman. Day 2 of the event welcomed 74 players, but only 12 players managed to survive to enter the closing stage of the event. Bernard Elfvering was the first player to fall victim. Konstas was responsible for the first 3 eliminations, knocking out Paul van Oort, Martin van Beek, and Maribel Galiano in no time. Due to these eliminations, Konstas managed to get ahead of his opponents and enter the official final table claiming the chip lead position.

Official Final Table Action

At that moment, there were only 9 players left in the poker marathon and final table play began. The first player, who hit the rail was Bernard Elfvering. He settled in 9th position for a modest cash prize of €5,673. Tobias Peters, whose HendonMob profile says he is ranked in 15th position on the Dutch all-time money list, decided to come back in the game. Being one of the most accomplished Dutch poker players, it was a piece of cake for him to collect a massive stack of chips and snatch the leading position from Konstas right under his nose.

Konstas, on the other hand, did not lose his confidence and managed to eliminate Rens van der Venne in 6th place for €11,395 and Joris Ruijs is 5th place for €14,244. These 2 eliminations helped the eventual winner to appear once again on top of the leadership board just before the start of the dinner break. The remaining 4 players, including Walter van Dalen, Bart Lybaert, Tobias Peters and Ioannis Konstas took their places after the break was over. Following the course of the game, Walter van Dalen was the other casualty. He left the final table in 4th place with €18,975. Bart Lybaert needed to content himself with the 3rd place and the cash prize of €25,639.

Heads-up battle started with Konstas locking horns with Peters. This was a spectacular match as both players were determined to win. But the champion is only one and that is Konstas. Apart from winning the trophy and the first money prize, the Greek player secured himself a free place for the WPTDeepStacks Europe Championship, which is to take place in Germany’s capital city in January 2018. Peters also enjoyed not a bad payday, as he received €39,895 for his 2nd place.