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Hossein Ensan Claims 2017 WSOP Circuit Main Event Title at King’s Casino in Rozvadov

Hossein Ensan from Germany was the player to wave the flag of victory at King’s Casino in Rozvadov, which played host to WSOP Circuit festival for yet another year. He had his first photo as a winner at the prestigious poker tournament. The player topped a tough field of 672 poker hopefuls and left the heads-up battle with €184,812 in first-place prize money and first-career gold ring.

The long-anticipated Main Event kicked off on 13th October, attracting a monstrous field of 672 players. The event spread over 4 days, over which poker warriors were fighting at King’s Casino arena for the lion’s share of the guaranteed prize pool of €1,000,000. The prize pool was split among the top 71 finishers. The 8 players, who secured themselves with a seat at the official final table left the Main Event with no less than €21,163 in cash prize.

Final Day 4 of the event commenced with Jan Timo Jobmann as the chip leader, while Ensan was not far behind, entering the official final table third in chips. Viliyan Petleshkov from Bulgaria was the first to exit the poker race. Here it is interesting to note that Pavel Stolar, who entered the official final table with the second largest stack of chips was knocked out in 5th place for a cash prize of €51,615.

Hossein grinded poker tournaments only in Europe. The player demonstrated aggressive strategy in the game, eliminating 5 out of his 7 opponents. This gave him commanding chip advantage over his opponents and the confidence to steam ahead to the victory. In a post-victory interview, the champion told reporters that all of his opponents demonstrated accomplished poker skills and he is proud of winning such a reputable festival.

Jobmann Busted by Hossein in Final Heads-Up Derby

The elimination of Rifat Gegic in third place for €83,407 gave a start to the clash of the two titans Ensan and Jobmann for the coveted gold ring along with the first prize of €184,812. Ensan entered the heads-up battle with a great chip advantage over his opponent. The eventual winner Hossein needed no more than 2 hands time to finish off Jobmann. He grinded his opponent down, without giving him even a chance for a comeback.

The final hand to be played within the tournament saw Hossein Ensan holding [8d][7d] against Jobmann’s [Qd][3d]. Both players checked at the pre-flop. The dealer flopped [10d][4d][2c], giving both opponents a flush draw. Jobmann checked again, but Ensan raised to 200,000. This encouraged Jobmann to raise the bet to 550,000. Ensan, on the other hand, moved all-in to bring the game to its end. The turn brought [9h], followed by [8s] on the river to give Ensan a pair and the title. Jan Timo Jobmann hit the rail in 2nd place for a consolation prize of €116,444.