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Tech Company Monster Rolls Dice on Tribal Gaming to Crack into American Online Gambling

On Wednesday this week, the internationally-recognized manufacturer of high performance audio tech products Monster announced that it is the new software owner of, to be launched on 15th December or earlier. The website is expected to provide online gambling services to the residents of various U.S. states, where online gambling is legal. But it appeared that the company has a higher goal – to revolutionize the U.S. online gambling law and liberalize the provision of online gaming services through whole America by joining forces with the tribal nations.

To many, Monster’s plans may sound far-fetched and unachievable. Generally speaking, online gambling is prohibited in most of the states. Despite the fact that some of its states such as Las Vegas turned into an icon of the gambling industry, the gambling remains highly penalized. At present, all the people, who tried to crack into the American casino industry were left with shattered hopes. Here it is worth to mention that these people are not just common people, but major politic figures such as Donald Trump or the U.S. business mogul Richard Branson.

Monster Masterminds Plan

Mere days ago, it emerged on the surface that the audio tech company Monster is getting ready to roll the dice on the American gambling scene and even introduce some important changes within the U.S. legal framework regarding online gambling. Many people were sceptic to Monster’s attempt, most probably asking themselves the question how a company specialized in audio products will manage in its quest, while one of the world’s most popular online gambling operator PokerStars failed to remain on the market. As it could be recalled, PokerStars entered the American gambling industry in the 2000s, but it bumped into the America’s massive wall of laws. In 2015, the American government banned the website and since then no other online operator could provide its services legally, except in New Jersey.

But Monster masterminded another plan, which may appear to be successful. The company acquired the online gambling website PokerTribe. Prior to its new owner, the website was jointly owned by the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma and the Florida-based Universal Entertainment Group (UEG). Needless to say, Monster’s strategy is mainly focused on the American Indians and their exclusive gaming rights.

Wednesday came with another shocking revelation. The tech company Monster appointed Fred Khalilian as the company’s new Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Khalilian is controversial public figure. Prior to his newest position in Monster, he was UEG’s former CEO. But his appointment comes as no surprise, having in mind that UEG was trying to launch a tribal online gambling website for long. Hence, Mr. Khalilian has an extensive experience when it comes to deals of this type. The website is expected to be launched latest 15th December this year.