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Jason Koon Steamrolls Leadership After Second-to-Last Night of “High Stakes Hybrid”

The new season of the most popular late-night poker TV show Poker After Dark unfolded with a splash. The brand-new format of the “High Stakes Hybrid” week provoked the curiosity of a great number of spectators. Each “High Stakes Hybrid” session consists of a $100,000 freezeout, combining features from standard cash games and tournament. The poker fans can enjoy hours of qualitative poker action on PokerGo.

The first session of the event kicked off on Tuesday, attracting the attention of many poker heavyweights, including Doug Polk, Jason Koon, Mike Baxter, Brian Rast, Lauren Roberts, Brandon Steven, and Dan Shak. They locked horns in a poker battle to defend their reputation. After the first evening, Dan Shak was the player who scooped $135,80, followed by Rast, who banked $44,300 and Polk, who raked $37,900.

Last Evening’s Poker Action

It was yesterday, when the second night of the “High Stakes Hybrid” session kicked off. The same arsenal of players appeared on the poker tables, except Baxter, who was eliminated and he could not re-enter the game due to the new rules, allowing only one entry in the hybrid cash game. The other 2 players, who had registered losses, but could survive to continue were Roberts and Steven. Both of them registered losses after the end of the first night.

It was yesterday evening, when the players returned to the poker field. The second night of the “High Stakes Hybrid” unfolded in a very interesting way. Dan Shak’s luck was not on his side anymore. The player, who was well-ahead of his opponents after the first night, was knocked out by Doug Polk’s full house. Hence, the Lady Luck smiled to the fortunate Polk, who collected Shack’s tower of chips. From that moment on, the players broke the ice and started to talk about their interests aside from poker.

Polk dominated in the early stages of the game. But in a game of poker, nothing can be sure until the final hand is dealt. Just before the last level of the session started, Steven gained steam to emerge on top. He won a monstrous pot against Polk, which sent him ahead of all the other players. Things remained pretty much unchanged until the last hand of the night was dealt. Polk and Koon were the players, who crossed swords in one last confrontation for the night. Doug Polk, who has a collection of 3 WSOP-branded gold bracelets, needed to succumb to Koon, who leads a pack of 3 poker hopefuls into the closing stage of the session. Steven was the other winner, while Rast took losses on the night.