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Ben Dobson Tops DTD 1000 Poker Field for £93,600

The Europe’s well-known card room Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham joined forces with the reputable online card room partypoker to introduce the DTD 1000. The event kicked off at the end of August, attracting the interest of many poker fans. The organizers of the poker tournament welcomed players with a mammoth prize pool of £500,000. Players could embark on a quest after the lion’s share of the prize either online at partypoker’s official website or live at Dusk Till Down. Many players managed to climb the ladder of success and bank a solid amount. Ben Dobson is among those players, who left the tournament flushed with money.

A total of 481 entrants (260 unique entrants and 221 re-entries) paid a buy-in of £1,100 in order to participate in the poker contention. The packed field resulted in boosting the prize pool with £19,000 extra. But it was Ben Dobson who claimed the most-coveted first prize after navigating through the massive field. Coming as no surprise, the successful tournament attracted a number of poker heavyweights like bees to a honeypot. Among the most popular names were partypoker Twitch streamer Adam Neal, Steven Warburton, Rupinder Bedi, and others. But what is more interesting is who managed to grab a slice of the pie. The money bubble burst with the elimination of Neil Ryder, who perished at the stake in 48th place, leaving the tournament empty-handed.

Ben Dobson Closes the Final Table

The elimination of Chao Xia was an important watershed moment in the tournament as it gave the start to the official eight-handed final table. All the players, who made it to the final table were guaranteed a five-figure money prize. Timothy Hickling was the first to leave the final table in 8th place, bagging the solid amount of £14,500 for his efforts. Next to fall was Paul Zimber, who was despatched in 7th place with £18,500. Marius Alexandry Gicovanu settled in 6th place for £23,500, followed by Adam Maxwell in 5th place for £30,000 and Matthew Moss in 4th place for £37,500. Emma Fryer was the last female player, who was still standing in the contention. Unfortunately, she hit the rail before the heads-up duel began. However, she received not a bad consolation prize of £47,500.

Fryer’s elimination sent the tournament to the heads-up stage, in which Ben Dobson crossed swords with Phillip Mighall. The two players exchanged the chip lead several times over the course of the game, but Ben Dobson took the upper hand at the end. The final hand in play was big sweat for both players. Dobson moved all-in and Mighall called. The eventual winner tabled [Kc][5c] against Mighall’s [As][7h]. The dealer placed [Js][5s][4s][6d][10c] on the board to give Dobson an occasion to celebrate. As for Mighall, he had to settle for the £83,900 payout and the runner-up finish.