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Study Shows Queenslanders Gamble Away Tons of Money

The Australian state of Queensland is the record keeper when it comes to the most money used for gambling. As for July this year, it was reported that the local players spent almost $360 million on betting activities, which breaks any previous records. Figures reveal that a total amount of $483,000 was gambled away every hour in the state in order to reach this high levels. In other words, players across the state spent the monstrous amount of $11.5 million on gambling activities per day. The amount of gambled money started to significantly increase as far back as 2004, and at present, the tendency seems to continue gathering momentum.

Speaking of the revelation, Monash University gambling researcher Charles Livingstone said that this comes as no surprise, as the industry-involved people place frantic efforts to make the gambling more attractive and increase their profitability. As a result, it is not hard for the more vulnerable people to fall victims to the addictive nature of the gambling machines. Dr. Livingstone added that these machines are usually installed in highly-trafficked areas, where their success is granted. A similar statistics was issued for August this year. It reveals that the Queenslanders spent more than $7 million on betting activities per day, or $291,000 in every hour across the Australian state. The total amount, which gamblers “invested” in their hobby for August is $217 million. According to many experts, these figures are disturbing as they show an inadequate responsible gambling system, which fails to prevent people from the addictive nature of gambling.

Responsible Gambling in Queensland

The dramatic increase of the total amount of money, which Queenslanders risk on various betting activities is mainly fuelled by the vulnerable people, which seem to be easy targets. The concept of responsible gambling is a primary concern of all the countries, which have regulated their gambling market. Coming as no surprise, all of them are trying to introduce a number of measures in order to curb any possible gambling problems and social ills.

According to multiple studies on the matter, financial problems are the main to be blamed for the gambling addictions. Many people see a thread of hope to climb out of the hole and win a life-changing amount of money in no time and without any efforts. Unfortunately, many people do not know when it is high time to quit on their gambling activities and they even start chasing losses. At a certain point, it appears that not only money is at stake, but also people’s life.

The Queensland Responsible Gambling Advisory Committee (RGAC) has developed a responsible gambling system, also known as the Queensland Responsible Gambling Code of Practice. It provides additional information regarding any gambling problems, free help, promotion of responsible gambling as well as the provision of self-exclusion systems. However, it is based on the personal willingness of the player, but it does not include any casino restrictions to the locals such as casino access restrictions or others.