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Sweden’s compris Claims Throne in 2017 WCOOP High Roller 8-Game Event

High roller poker events are usually among the most long-anticipated and tend to attract a number of players on the poker fields. That is not a surprise, having in mind the mammoth prize pool, which is usually up for grabs. As a result, a number of sponsors for poker tournaments, including PokerStars, have embraced high roller events as an integral part of their schedules. On Sunday, PokerStars provided an online arena for the emblematic clash between poker titans as part of its annual World Championship of Online Poker. The final table welcomed poker heavyweights from different countries, who demonstrated brilliant poker skills. Consequently, the final table could offer nothing else, but qualitative poker action.

No Comprimise for compris

By the time the final table was set, Luke ‘lb6121’ Schwartz, Yuri ‘theNERDguy’ Martins and 3 more former SCOOP winners took their places to compete for the lion’s share of the 8-Game High Roller’s guaranteed prize pool, which reached the life-changing amount of $910,000. Here it should be mentioned that Event #74-H $10,300 8-Game attracted a great number of 60 poker hopefuls plus 31 additional re-entries, totaling a field of 91 entrants. Only the top 12 players managed to have their fingers in the pie, and the winner was about to bank the monstrous amount of almost $250,000.

Number 13 appeared to be the fatal one for Finland’s villepn, who burst the money bubble, or, in other words, he was the last player to leave empty-handed. He was followed by Apotheosis92, who managed to enter the list with players, that cashed. omaha4rollz was busted in 11th place, followed by MUSTAFABET in 10th place, Kekkhou in 9th place, hotmark777 in 8th place and Isildur1 in 7th place. The elimination of Isildur1 gave a start to the six-handed table, which was occupied by compris, ShipitFTW911, Antonio7, RuNGodlike, lb6121 and Martins. At that point, the eventual winner compris was holding a stack of 1,178,889 in chips and only RuNGodlike was ahead of him with 1,293,723 in chips.

Following the course of the game, the field was reduced to only 2 players, and more precisely compris and the Brazilian-based Yuri ‘theNERDguy’ Martins. compris was the player, who entered the two-handed match with a significant 2:1 chip advantage over his opponent. Martins managed to melt that difference during Stud 8, taking the upper hand over compris during the Pot-Limit Omaha. However, it seems that compris’ specialty is Triple Draw variation of the game, as he easily managed to come back in the game and steam ahead to the first prize of $247,975, adding second COOP title to his career’s profile. Martins bagged $166,075 for his 2nd place.