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Lottoland Keeps Proliferating in Gibraltar Despite Australian Opposition

Gibraltar-based lottery betting company Lottoland seems to keep its head above the water, despite Australia’s attempts to crack down on the gambling operator. Earlier today, Olive Press reported that Lottoland’s CEO officially announced that the legal hurdles, which the company faces in Australia will not affect in any way its operations in Gibraltar, busting any myths and speculations on the matter.

Nigel Birrell, CEO of Lottoland officially announced that the company’s operations will remain unaffected contrary to the number of speculations after the hardships, which the gambling firm experienced recently in Australia. He added that Gibraltar is the company’s birthplace and the company is proud of being part of the carefully selected Gibraltar-licensed family. Mr. Birrell reminded that Gibraltar is among the most reputable names in the gambling scene, which is yet another proof of the company’s solid reputation, which was tarnished by the massive anti-Lottoland campaign in Australia.

Mr. Birrell explained that the company remains fully compliant with the Australian law and the country’s officials have no grounds to prohibit the gambling operator from offering its gambling options to the locals. He did not miss the opportunity to remind that Lottoland pays corporate and income taxes like all the other companies in Australia. Moreover, following the latest amendments, the company also pays goods and services taxes from July this year. Mr. Birrell finished his speech, underlining that Lottoland is a well-established company, giving jobs to more than 350 people and providing safe gaming environment to more than 6 million customers.

Lottoland’s Affair in Australia

The reason for the massive opposition against Lottoland in Australia is that the Gibraltar-based gambling operator has damaged the state-owned lottery’s profitability. Recent financial reports showed that the national lottery lost approximately A$60 million for the previous fiscal year. This unleashed a hail of discontent against the foreign gambling operator. The opposition defends its stance explaining that Australia pours money down the drain, instead of keeping the much- needed gambling revenue within the country’s borders.

Consequently, Lottoland may bump into a prohibition, which outlaws the gambling firm to operate in Australia. South Australia already took actions against Lottoland and introduced a package of legislation that cracks down on the operator. Two more states reportedly are to follow this example and introduce an amendment to the law, banning Lottoland to target their residents. The company has also suffered accusations of stealing Australian national lotteries’ customers by use of misleading information. Lottoland’s future in Australia still remains blurred, but the company’s officials remain positive even in the worst-case scenario.